America’s Canvas

It is hard to imagine how our new President could show himself to be more anti-Christ than he has in his first two weeks in office. As an American, I sense the tide has turned and we are in a post-Christian nation. Before one could feel we were a nation based on a white canvas, with sin being the stain. Now, it feels as though our canvas is black and righteousness is the ‘stain’ evil leaders will target for removal.

Homosexuality has been etched into our military with the President’s signature saying it must be allowed to be openly displayed without correction by superiors.

The ‘Stimulus’ bill has earmarked billions for renovation of schools and universities, however, if prayer is allowed, or Bible Study, on their premises, they will receive no funding. This diametrically opposes the long standing and often challenged and upheld practice of allowing freedom of religion on our campuses. It will cause universities to cancel all such activities to gain monetary support.

The immediate reversal of the Mexico City policy is another example of the President disrespecting the will of the people who oppose that act by a 65% majority.

Hostility toward Christianity seems to have escalated. What was under the surface has now emerged and has been legitimized. What should be a Christian’s response?

As the curtain falls, our hope is in God. If we become martyrs for Christ, let our lights burn brightly to the end.

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