America is Evil?

I saw on the site here some of the most ignorant things I have heard in awhile. Of course it had to do with these “great conspiracy” concepts that somehow our government was involved in 911.

The stories go from no planes were involved to bombs being planted in the buildings. This is just about too stupid to even bring up. We have had 50 plus years of Socialist garbage in our newspapers, Tv and in all of our education systems that we have come to the point where common sense just is not very practical these days because some marxist thinks he can speak and do for you. Marxists hate God by the way.

What country contibutes more than the next two countries combined world wide on aid to other nations? America. Yet we are projected as this nation who has taken over Iraq. No dummies, we built a military base there. We do not inhabit it.

Ask Australia how they felt about us rescuing them in ww2. They were in deep trouble. We give more to Africa than any nation does by far. Unfortunately Africa is very corrupt. The money is not worth giving there.

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