Amazing Grace

Born to a young mother who could not keep me. Raise by a grandmother who taught me the Psalm 23. Raped at the tender age of 5. But I had experienced things untalked about before the rape. By the time I was raped I knew for sure that I did experience black outs and could not remember what went on between the time frame. Incest, drugs, alcohol, occult activities, a kept whore to men and a woman, physical abuse, sexual abuse, a liar, thief, mental institution…finally rehab.
It wasn’t until one evening that I saw a tent being put up in a parking lot across the street from where I lived that my life would take a wonderful turn. I had returned home from a city where I possibly would have been killed by my lesbian friend/lover. My daughter did not know this because the other person returned with me. I was tired. I remember going upstairs to change my clothes and pulled out a jean dress I loved. It felt like a winter coat on me, I had lost so much weight from smoking crack. I cried. Looking out the window at the tent I knew in my heart that I would go to it if it belonged to a church. My father was a preacher, but he had his own life. My friend came into my room and said jokingly you need to go to that tent revival and let some preacher touch you. September, 1994 I went to the tent …to the altar…asked Jesus to come into my life…from that day to this I can say that I am saved, sanctifed and filled with the Holy Spirit. I am an Evangelist and I truly, truly thank God for His Amazing Grace!

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