am I doomed?

I am reading the bible, according to the way I was, God would have ordered me to be stoned to death. Today I am different, but it makes me wonder. I was born Jewish but I can tell you that Jesus saved me several years ago. I talk to God and pray and try to be obedient but it’s hard, I still have defects of character.
Reading the bible I realize that I was all wrong. No one in my family believes in God. Some of them don’t even like the word God. It makes me feel bad that the way I was and personally I don’t think God hates me but there are so many things I don’t do right still so maybe he does hate me. I don’t know what to do.

What do YOU think?



  1. Joel Anil Bansode says:

    Dear sister, never do that mistake of thinking that God doesn’t love you. The Bible tells us that God loves us, each and everyone and no matter what he still wants to listen from you, keep on reading the bible everyday, and I’m sure that God will speak to you. Even I was through such situations, but once I realised that God is love and He is our Father. He will never leave us alone. Imagine a potter making a best pot and then just throwing it away like it was nothing to him?!?!? No one would do that. In the same way, God has created you and He loves you still! Do you know the song ‘Sing for joy’ by Don Moen? Please hear that song and read the lyrics…. God bless you.

  2. Earlimiah says:

    Doomed? when you are on your way to heaven?! You are saved! I do not believe Jesus will give His life to sve you, and then through you away like a rag doll because He is tired of you. Even if you get dirth and icky on the outside, Jesus still sees and knows and talks to the beautiful girl on the inside. I do not know a single Christian man or woman who is without things still needing cleaning or fixing or changing on the inside. I am extremely aware of things still needing to be completed….inside of me!{ grin} But I always think of a man who was – well, severely mistaken on some things…..including using a non-biblical text to run the church…because this man was a pastor…. There was one time when I was trying to explain something to him – I was very tired, after just drivin almost 1500 miles / 1900km in less than 48 hours. He simply was not listening to me…he was upset about something else…and just as I began to say things to get his attention, and make him listen…I felt the Lord’s arms giving me a deep, quick hug full of power and warmth…the only time in my life that I had ever felt that. And I immdediately understood – the hug was not for me…the hug was to show me how much the Lord loved this man……so I stayed silent. It didn’t mean he was right…it just meant that he was loved….

    I fully believe that, whether you feel it or not, God loves you just as deeply as he does the pastor I spoke of. You can never ever make yourself “Good enough” for God – but that is ok – once you are saved, and accept him in your heart and soul, you are good enough for him. As a military man [our families had been friends over four generations] once told me – “when you become saved, all of your friends will change. you really won’t have to do anything about it – because they will leave you, and God will bring new friends.”

    be at peace you are not too much to handle…not to hard for God to fix…He still loves you

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