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The Christian faith has existed since the time that Jesus Christ was on earth. Followers of Jesus have had different understandings about many things, but all true Christians agree that Jesus Christ is a revelation of God in the flesh. We all believe that God came to earth to bring us back into a relationship with Himself.

Faith in God

The sorry state of our world today reveals just how far we have strayed from God's original harmonious intentions. We have all strayed from God's commandments designed for our own good, and disobeyed God in an inexcusable manner, just as Adam our first father did. Just because you and I can find fault in OTHERS, even in Christians, will by no means excuse us before GOD for OUR own wrongdoing and disobedience to God.

Not sure if you have disobeyed God? Listen to this. The first recorded revelations of the true God we have are in the Books of Moses. These books reveal God as Creator, Lawgiver and Judge. In the Ten Commandments God said to put Him first, not to lie, steal, murder, lust, speak against God or desire what does not belong to us.

Have you ever lied? Ever taken something not belonging to yourself? Ever looked at someone to lust for her (or him)? Ever put the pursuit of wealth above the pursuit of God? Ever hated someone? Well if you have, you are GUILTY unless and until GOD declares you righteous. And that He will NEVER do UNLESS you accept His one and only sacrifice for sin and put your trust in That One.

picture of cosmos

Just as the existence of a painting proves the existence of a painter, so the existence of our amazing universe  with all its complexity proves the existence of a Creator. God the Creator made us with a conscience, which alarms us at first when we do wrong. He also sends the Holy Spirit to show us the Truth about Jesus and about our own spiritual condition. The Holy Spirit gives a VERY DIFFERENT MESSAGE to all the unholy spirits that are freely floating around this lawless world of ours. It is these unholy spirits that are the instigators all the false and contradictory religions that abound on our planet.

You were made for the true God, who loves you but cannot accept you on the basis of your own imperfect record. Doing and being wrong separates us from God and destroys the relationship with God.

Jesus on the cross

The relationship is restored when we trust Jesus and what He did for us – in dying to bear our sins pay for our guilt, and in rising from the dead. That is to say, Jesus paid the "fine" for us which we deserve for our wrongdoing and disobedience. Now if we trust Him we can start a new life.

The Christian faith is really about faith in the resurrected Jesus, who did all this and more for us. Jesus of Nazareth, who lived historically on the earth 2000 years ago, made a definite impact on the people of Israel through his teaching and healing ministry. But it is his resurrection and continued intervention in the lives of His followers that has meant that today He has hundreds of millions who believe in Him and trust Him. Today the Holy Spirit is working all over the earth to reveal Jesus to people in different ways, primarily through the Scriptures of the Holy Bible as they are preached and read.

Jesus resurrrected

Please take the time to research the issues presented on this site. There are hundreds of pages for your consideration, on a wide variety of topics of interest. These include reasons to believe, testimonies of changed lives, teaching on the Bible, faith, love, baptism, the Holy Spirit, mission, the harlot church and more.

Do you know the living God, the God of miracles? Do you know that Jesus Christ sets people free from the power as well as the guilt of sin?

We invite you to check out THIS PAGE to see what we mean by this. Many true life stories confirm this.

Real Christians, if filled with the Holy Spirit, CAN show that God is in their life. God commands Christians today, as always, to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesian 5:18). In these days of war, terror and religious deception, it is all the more needful. When other priorities take a higher place than knowing God as a person, and being filled with Him, trouble and eternal loss results.

Many alternatives to Jesus Christ have seemed plausible to men only because the majority of Christians have not demonstrated the reality of what we are talking about. The believer has limitless possibilities in God, which have been far too neglected until now.

Nevertheless, more than ever, men and women are coming forth in the power of the name of Jesus, confessing and demonstrating Christ as Lord.

Christian discussion forum
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Have you ever wondered about reincarnation? Or does a belief in evolution mean for you that Christianity just can't be true? What about other religions? What is your faith of choice? How could Jesus be the only way? Is the truth really out there? Can we know what happens to us after death? These and other important issues are discussed in:

World religions and philosophies

Click on the above image for material addressing the big issues which people take a stand on and which cause some to reject Christianity. Includes stuff on reincarnation, ethics, life after death, relativism, postmodernism, evolution, atheism, islam and various forms of dead religion that deny the true power of God.

A PRAYER for You!

"Father, touch this reader by the power of the Holy Spirit in a way they can feel! Open their spiritual eyes and reveal Christ to them!

Let the power of the Holy Spirit work miracles for those who need them!

I pray this in Jesus' name, Amen!"

I believe that the power of the Holy Spirit will come more and more upon those who delve into this website. Bookmark this site, many more resources and materials will be developed and published here. 

  1. About Michael About The Site Author · Information about Michael Fackerell, the author of most of the information on this and related sites. Includes testimony, and ministry history information. ·
  2. Who Is Jesus · This page talks about who Jesus really is. ·
  3. Reasons To Believe · This section deals with apologetics and why the Christian faith is reasonable and logical even when viewed through the eye of science and archeology.
  4. The Big Issues · An examination of the big issues like life after death, philosophies of life, power and authority, love, truth, war, money, politics and more.
  5. Bible Studies · Detailed Bible teaching on important practical doctrinal issues from an evangelical/pentecostal/charismatic perspective.
  6. Public Domain Bible Online · For those interested in a free, public domain Bible based on the Majority Text (similar to what was used for the KJV and NJKV) I am adding the 'World English Bible' to the site, step by step.
  7. Divine Healing · Articles and resources to promote the knowledge of Gods promises and ways in divine healing.
  8. Evangelism If you are not following Jesus, learn why its so important. And if you are, its important for you to be able to communicate to others about the Savior in a way that makes Him real to those you meet.
  9. Walking In Love Articles and studies on the love of God, what it means to walk in love, and how we can do it.
  10. Prayer · This section seeks to motivate, equip, teach and inform people concerning prayer, its power and how to be heard by God, so as to get results.
  11. Speak The Word Categories of Scriptural Confessions of the Word of God.
  12. Personal Development Bible based information on what we are and how we can grow and develop in ways that will count for God and for His purposes.
  13. Practical Ministry This section seeks to get down to the real "how-to's" of serving Jesus Christ.
  14. Pastoral Wisdom This section is to help all pastors who have been called to shepherd God's people. Whether you are called to care for a small home group or a large congregation, these materials are offered with the hope that they may be beneficial.
  15. Audio Preaching Downloadable audio sermons from anointed Christian preachers and teachers.
  16. About Us · About the people involved in, and the vision and purpose of the ministry.
  17. Recommended Books · Books that I believe are worth buying and reading.
  18. Other Religions · A look at Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism as well as various cults and philosophies from a Christian point of view.>
  19. Revival Issues Seeking to rediscover keys to a Great Awakening which will cause masses of people to clearly see their need for God's salvation. An examination of arguments for and against current revival movements.
  20. Wisdom Wisdom for life – practical tips.
  21. Modern Idols A revealing analysis of some of the modern idols of our time like money, sex, power, television, pleasure, pop music …
  22. Concerning Apostles · This section seeks to uncover biblically issues relating to true and false apostolic ministry.
  23. Bible Prophecy Discussion of Bible prophecy, especially on what Jesus Christ taught concerning His coming and the End of the Age.

Other Major Sections of this Site!

Spiritual Warfare – how to cast out demons and overcome.

Divine Healing – what the Bible promises and how to receive!

Big Issues – Controversial subjects of interest to all people

Islam, Wicca, Freemasonry, Mormonism,
Eastern Religions

Pages of Interest

Astrology, Reincarnation, Revival, Church Planting, Suffering, Absolute Truth, Postmodernism, Darwinism / Evolution,
Love and Relationships, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Curses and Blessings,
Does God Exist?, What are demons?

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