Agnostic, Humanist, Atheist Newby saying Hi

Hi All
I thought I would give you a try as this looks like a nice civilsed forum ( which is rare these days). I used to be a frequent poster to a small forum called Faithforum. I made some very good Christian friends on there and miss the communication that had built up.

While these Christians had such names as Mike the Catholic, Leonard a sinner, Rhut, Petra and Patricia, I came to know them well despite the fact it was via the forums.

I come from a traditional anglican background but am lapsed as far as Faith goes. I have been studying Religion as a Hobby for many years but I have a Sceintific background and hold a degree in that field.

My interests are Ancient Judeo/ Christian history and theology, as well as a more generally a interest in all of Biblical history to modern times including comparative religion and the interface with Atheism and Sceptical thinking and secularism.

I love the tradition of Religion and despite the horrors done its name I still feel the world is richer for having around and it is just fascinating.

I love the Bible and study of it, and am keen to defend it against improper interpretation of both religious and secular sides of the debate.

I am looking forward to posting and I will ease in a comment on some topic or other If feel I have anything to say.



What do YOU think?



  1. Edward Palamar says:

    Agnosticism is worse than atheism – be careful Jeremiah.

  2. Holyroller_11 says:

    It seems to me.the unbelievers spend more time trying to convince people not to have faith in God than average christians spend helping sinners to know the truth,It looks like the nonbelievers are afraid of finding out there is a God of love and wrath ,If I didnot believe I think I could find better things to do that try to argue one way or another.The truth is the gospel came not in word only but in power also.I would rather be wrong in believing on my death bed than to be wrong in not believing and face God Almighty! besides that the teaching of the bible is good living habits for everyone anyway ,Its a win win regardless.for those who run here and there to stur up trouble,If the thing be of man it will go away by itself,if it be of God no man can stop God sincerely for 1 week,if he fails so be it,if not ,the life you save may be your own.

  3. Welcome to the site. Please be aware that I do have an agenda on this site – it is to build up and promote Christian faith.

    Sometimes people come along and have an agenda to destroy Christian faith. To me, one sign of such a person is where they raise scores of questions and never acknowledge any answers they receive, or attempt to respond to those answers – instead  they simply raise more questions designed to promote unbelief.

    I don't indefinitely tolerate such behavior on this site. It isn't fair and doesn't reveal a love for truth.

    I don't know you at all – I just wanted you to be aware of the parameters under which this site will operate.

    Have a great day.

    • Edward Palamar says:

      It is encouraging to read of your assessment of non-productive behavior as in the “over-questioner”. A site at which I have recently spent some time, the “John the Baptist TV Froum”, has (had?) an interesting list of assaultive writing techniques like the one you’ve outlined in your reply, michael.

      The moderator of that forum, one Andrew Strom, is not the apple of the eye of several others and adds to the list of crime by his own conduct. As such, I must include him in a list of dangerous modernists for his actions against me and Christ :

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