Agnostic, Humanist, Atheist Newby saying Hi

Hi All
I thought I would give you a try as this looks like a nice civilsed forum ( which is rare these days). I used to be a frequent poster to a small forum called Faithforum. I made some very good Christian friends on there and miss the communication that had built up.

While these Christians had such names as Mike the Catholic, Leonard a sinner, Rhut, Petra and Patricia, I came to know them well despite the fact it was via the forums.

I come from a traditional anglican background but am lapsed as far as Faith goes. I have been studying Religion as a Hobby for many years but I have a Sceintific background and hold a degree in that field.

My interests are Ancient Judeo/ Christian history and theology, as well as a more generally a interest in all of Biblical history to modern times including comparative religion and the interface with Atheism and Sceptical thinking and secularism.

I love the tradition of Religion and despite the horrors done its name I still feel the world is richer for having around and it is just fascinating.

I love the Bible and study of it, and am keen to defend it against improper interpretation of both religious and secular sides of the debate.

I am looking forward to posting and I will ease in a comment on some topic or other If feel I have anything to say.



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