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Seven days in heaven! – testimony of Emmanuel, a Rwandan man who died and by an amazing miracle was sent back by God.

God Saves Ugandan man's children from poisonous snake – A Ugandan man – a former muslim, shares how the Lord led him in such a way as to discover a snake that would have killed his children.

Escape from death in Rwanda – Christine tells her story of coming to Christ after loosing her parents to sickness and her brothers in the war; read also the experiences she had and the atrocities she witnessed in the wars from Rwanda and Zaire.

Report of a Miraculous Move of God in South Africa – you are invited to check it out yourself.

Miraculous Conversion and Ministry in South Africa – this story received recently reminds me of many other people and the way the Lord often works in people's lives who turn to Him and follow Him wholeheartedly.

Overcoming the Power of Witchcraft – an African man from Uganda share how the Lord enabled him to overcome the attack on witchcraft made against him while driving the company vehicle.

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  1. Pastor and Sis Okorie says:

    My husband and I both live in Jamaica he is Nigerian and I am a British National. He was ordained as a Pastor the last weekend in May 2009 in Jamaica along with another Nigerian couple living in Atlanta who stayed at our house for the ordination. One evening the night before the couple returned to Atlanta we took them for dinner at a sister’s house. When we returned home which was about 10:00pm the night I drove to the gate of our home and my husband came out to open the gate when suddenly a gunman appeared from behind pushed a gun in the car from behind pointed it at my stomach and demanded money. Instantly out of impulse I handed him my handbag, suddenly I started shouting in a very loud voice the “The Blood of Jesus, The Blood of Jesus” it was then the couple on the back seat realized what was happening and joined me in shouting. My husband then turned, (he had said the Lord had told him that someone was lurking in the area waiting for us so he was already praying)the gunman then turned the gun from me and pointed it at my husbands head and pulled the trigger. The gun made a clicking sound but there was no explosion, the gunman started to run and my husband ran after him. And in a loud voice shouted to him telling him that he knew he could hear him and he had two days to return the bag or else he would die in seven days. In two days the bag containing all my travel, car and land documents were returned. They even tried to lift the lamination from my passport so that they could tamper with it but praises be to God the most high, they didn’t succeed. God is all powerful and we pray that the young man that the enemy used to attack us will give his life to Christ. Praise the Lord….

    • Praise him for his love and his blood God bless u for your story it incourages me a hundred fold….Jae333

    • Mrs. Bennie says:

      This testimony has really spured my faith in God the more; to trust Him to bring my heart desire to reality. This is indeed awesome power of God

  2. Q Are They Facts or friction?

    A My Answer is: They’re Facts

    Evangelist Israel Mugisha’s Testimony PART ONE

    Praise God,

    As your reading this testimony and miracle of miracles I want you to take your time and believe in the word that is beyond your imagination for we serve a God who is beyond what we think, do, and what we see everyday.

    Then Lord God said to Moses

    (Read Numbers 11:23 The Lord said to Moses, Has the Lord’s hand (His ability and power) become short (thwarted and inadequate)? You shall see now whether My Word shall come to pass for you or not. [Isa 50:2 ]

    See if you have taken Gods Word for granted God told Moses Has my Hand and ability and power become inadequate Meaning why doubt me Moses I Have given you my word you have performed miracles you have thrown down your rod it has become a serpent and it has consumed the power other serpents in challenge my ability why not now where is your trust Moses.

    This I want to compare it with what we meet every day where by were discouraged by those we tend to trust those who are very near us because for them what we tend to do that is in the spiritual realm for them it becomes foolishness and sometimes we kind of lean back to them because the power of the devil works and so influential we end up the candle that were burning reduce the strength of light, What is important here is you and who you serve who is almighty God through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior that should be our focus

    Read the Promise

    He promised to be with you and He will surely be with you.

    Genesis 28:15
    And behold, I am with you and will keep (watch over you with care, take notice of) you wherever you may go, and I will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done all of which I have told you.

    Please Give God a Chance to prove Him self to you and you shall never go hungry again

    He loves you and He wants to take care of you thats the only thing he requires of you Just to allow Him and take care of you.

    Before we start my testimony let me give you some tricks of being successful in your daily life, your family, and your loved ones you must start learning to share what you have with others because the one you’re serving is a Giver of life and endless life

    The first gift comes from

    Genesis 1:26

    26God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness, and let them have complete authority over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the [tame] beasts, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth.(D)

    If you not though of that to a gift you need to ask your self who are you to deserve a Godly image?

    Do you think He would have taken that to another maybe planet than this where you’re anyway where He desired to place you and do His work of recreating that is the first miracle.

    Let’s go back to giving we because we want received the gift of all gifts who is Jesus Christ our Lord and savior

    Isaiah tells us this

    7Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house–when you see the naked, that you cover him, and that you hide not yourself from [the needs of] your own flesh and blood?

    8Then shall your light break forth like the morning, and your healing (your restoration and the power of a new life) shall spring forth speedily; your righteousness (your rightness, your justice, and your right relationship with God) shall go before you [conducting you to peace and prosperity], and the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.(C)

    9Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and He will say, Here I am. If you take away from your midst yokes of oppression [wherever you find them], the finger pointed in scorn [toward the oppressed or the godly], and every form of false, harsh, unjust, and wicked speaking,(D)

    10And if you pour out that with which you sustain your own life for the hungry and satisfy the need of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in darkness, and your obscurity and gloom become like the noonday.

    11And the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfy you in drought and in dry places and make strong your bones. And you shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not.

    12And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of [buildings that have laid waste for] many generations; and you shall be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

    How lovely is that promise of all promises You have to understand that I don’t want to rush in giving you a testimony then it looses meaning I want you be with me in everything I say and you get evidence from Gods word.

    My Testimony

    As a child I was brought up in a God fearing family of seven Here in Africa in The East Africa in country called Uganda if access the world map you will see it in African continent on your right side that’s where you will find Kenya Tanzania And Uganda the pearl of Africa.

    This family was a singing family we used to have a family choir then with in that family choir we had groups of those guys who were older that us that was my brothers and one sister, then we had a group of three two girls and one boy who was me (taking back I was born in camp meeting where my mother got labor pains on a pull pit shell down and was carried to a nearby hospital she gave birth to me on 13th July 1969)

    I started singing on a tender age performing in big churches but (I want to thank God for my mother who God gave me as a gift of life because I owe her a lot though she passed away in 2005 but I owe her legacy of serving the Almighty God.)

    People who started life in rich people my father was working with one Adventist Hospital then one day he was stopped from working then You can imagine from good houses to some where in remote place where we could not access hospitals you walk to school and you walk 7miles going and coming back those 14miles every day but God is good may be He was telling as some thing of how he has called us to ministry His work.

    Life continued to become hard and very hard the devil said ok you people think you can make it by staying on That you call God staying on His said will not help you then he got his spoon of confusion like stare sugar in tea that how he started doing and bringing allot of confusion my family he brought misery and started hating each other not knowing now worldly king is in control.

    Our lives became horrible you not even think of a family like that and you wish to a associate with it but Gods mercy said no some thing was happening behind the curtains God was cooking something ( am doing this you to understand mercy to words His people) we started seeing people visiting us and we were sleeping in a grass thatched house with two rooms we were sleeping in the sitting room all of us the seven of us what were we sleeping on we were sleeping on cow skin what were we covering our selves with our mothers clothes we as we started seeing people come to our home my mother was a midwife she helped a lady to deliver a baby then things started like that now my mother didn’t have shoes even us only my brothers were putting on those shoes made from car tires Imagine such a life but God is faith full and he cannot leave His people He still loved us in that state that we were in.

    She started receiving people taking her to go and help there wife deliver babies because that was her profession other could give her some money others could give her food others could not give her anything and others she could offer help from seven we become fourteen these were children who could leave there home and come to our place and they started staying with patients to at home she did that work up to women started calling there babies her name Ruth.

    Now what used to help us was singing every night praising our God for the day because we could sing almost the whole night others we could get tired and sleep then others stay singing till morning our father abandoned us we stayed with our mother for that long time.

    Miracles Starting

    One day we had finished good days without food our mother didn’t have money to buy food we drunk porridge until the flour got finished but we kept on going on our knee

    Till one day just to cut this story short we didn’t know what to do but I could see my mother crying going to pray alone it was early in the morning after a morning devotion around 10am my baby sister said she’s hungry we should pray so that God should give us food our mother call us we went for prayers finishing prayers we hard people (listen I am not trying to convince you so that what I am saying is imaginable yes it is because this is true my friends) saying hello is there anyone at home these were about five or six if I may remember very well there carrying food from sweet potatoes millet flour mixed with cassava flour row bananas and two rooster about fifty kilograms of beans

    There was happiness and we started singing and praising God in fact we sang a song called it’s a hymn PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW.

    Fade By Birds

    There is a time when we had lost soap in the whole country not one soap sugar and salt but the amazing thing happen to us we were neighboring a prison barracks and because it was a government in institution that’s where you could find those three items sugar salt and soap.

    The miracle happened these birds that fade Elijah did us something that I will never forget in my life they kept on bringing to us soap every day till soap was available in the country.

    My Life

    My life started becoming deteriorating away from God trust me God did not leave me alone because He had promised to us to be with us always

    But my life got away from God to my own things and thinking

    I started going becoming a womanizer that I am trying to look for a better life than what we hard I made someone’s child pregnant she gave birth to a baby boy I didn’t a job in order to provide then the consequences of sin came in.

    I had to leave her I went I got another one she got pregnant now that one we stayed to gather for quite sometime she gave me a baby boy and a girl she now started going with other men I left her when I left her she became a witch doctor

    I got another one who I though now this one is God fearing person maybe we may stay together for life we didn’t go for blood testing because I assumed she was a God fearing person she could not be having something like HIV/AIDS not knowing that she was positive she had burns of a hapyxhoustar is caused by HIV virus I kept on asking her after I had started getting roomers man that lady is HIV positive her former boy friend died of AIDS then I started asking her about it until one day she gave in after she was telling me that she was burnt with water an other day she told me it was a candle when she revealed to me that she was like that then I told her we don’t have any other choice but let us live to gather as we wait for our day to come then we go we went ahead we got married in Church still God said No this is not the life I want you to lead, not knowing that even her she was going out with men besides me it was so interesting then after four months of marriage we separated she had started drinking alcohol coming home at 3am she did want me to ask her ( can see where my life is heading)

    Find that in Part TWO

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