I am a christian and I am in a relationship with a man for 3 1/2 years. we are business partners and home owners together. We are not officially married but only with each other. We would like to get married inn the future if we can really make things work. I dont feel like God condems me for this because he knows where my heart is. I really consider us married anyway. I have been married 2 other times and it ended in divorce. Also my first marriage I married a christian man and we did not live together until officially married. which now I feel was a big mistake.
My question is dont you think God deals with everyone indvidually. I am obviousley seeking Gods will and to do right . Sometimes it is a process to get there? I was out of fellowship for years and now getting back into again. this was due to not having access to it. I find that christians seem to be very jugemental on this subject. Almost not even accepting that I would be a christian.

any comments on the subject would be appriciated

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