A yearning for and belief in God

   Our current technology and scientific discoveries tend to dismiss all belief in a God who created us and our world.eg. Studies and research into — Anthropology, Origin of life, Theory of evolution, Big Bang — planet and universe formation and so on.

   With more than seven billion of us living on our planet, is it even remotely possible to believe that a God exists? A God who knows each of us individually, the detail of what is happening in our lives and one who can guide and help us in our life trials and personal endeavors.

   Pragmatically we could conclude that “We are on our own”.Still we marvel at the Glory, Beauty, Majesty and Power of– Sunrises, Sunsets, Flowers, Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, Volcaneos, Storms, Earthquakes and so forth.

   We wonder at the precision, magnificant design, complexity, and Compesition of all life (Man, Animal, Plants, Etc.) and the awesome vastness of our cosmic universe and all it contains.

   Could a God be possible? YES, YES not only possible, but loving us and leading us back to Him.

What do YOU think?



  1. leanobabitse says:

    oh God thats a very emotional testimony.thank you for sharing,it really got me thinking about the ‘little’ things in my life that i take for granted..

  2. roosvanraad says:

    How do we reconcile intelligence and lack thereof with our spiritual life?
    My daughter Julie was born into this world with overwhelming handicaps, no useable intelligence and virtually nothing that she could use or identify as beneficial in her life. The cards, she was dealt in “the game of life”, were the worst possible hand imaginable.
    She was blind, deaf, spastic and autistic. She lived in a black world of silence, her handicaps would make it seem as though she was alone, isolated virtually the only person on this planet, facing everything that constituted her life- ALONE.
    She could not recognize or respond to love, help or support from any other person, She faced her life and existed in it alone,ALONE,ALONE—– ALONE, she could only endure everything that happened to her—operations, huge periods of pain, sickness, constant deprivation, nothing explained and nil control over anything in her life. She was forced into all her life activities without any preamble,explanation, reassurance or comfort An example of this nightmare, that I witnessed directly, occurred while Julie was in hospital, she required intravenous feeding and a tube for this purpose had to be shoved up her nose and down her throat into her stomach.
    She’s blind and deaf and completely uncomprehending. She was held by one nurse while another stared inserting the tube this hurt her and she tried to grab the offending tube to stop the hurt which only resulted in the nurse holding her to hold her more forcibly to prevent her trying to defend herself.
    She started to cry, can you imagine what you would feel in her place unknown people forcibly holding you and inflicting pain in a black world of silence AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE?
    This was Julie’s life and so it went on and on —literately just happening to her all she could do was to accept it or die.The necessities of life food, warmth, shelter were all that could be provided for her by those who loved her. Communication, explanation, emotional support, encouragement, love that she could feel and comprehend were impossible.
    The only possible emotional and spiritual help she could get would have come from God. I believe, God did help her, as there were periods in her life when she laughed, clapped her hands and seemed happy. She was a perfect example of how to accept life as it is, regardless of its content, try to make the best of it and get on with it—she lived for forty four years.
    Julie’s ability to think and intelligence were completely unknown to any of us and appeared completely non existent, from our point of view. Yet her ability to overcome all the medical hardships, pain, sickness, deprivations and accidents in her life was nothing short of miraculous. She heroically endured ALL, accepted ALL, and got on with her life.
    Her spirit overcame the massive deficiencies of mind and body in her life and she carried on living her life regardless of its content. When she was born and during her early life I could not see any purpose or point in her continued survival and this severely tested my faith and belief in God’s goodnes.
    Over the years of her life however, I witnessed her courage, fortitude, endurance and acceptance of what constituted her life and gradually, with awe and admiration, it dawned on me how heroic, marvelous and tenacious her struggle to survive was.
    I now believe Julie’s life was an example to all of us, who were a part of her life, for she showed us how to accept life as it is, make the most of what you have and get on with it, Belief in God’s promises and goodness now make me happy for Julie as I realize her earthly trials and pains are finally over. I believe she is now perfect, unimpaired in any way and enjoys happiness with our God foreternity. All her earthly trials, pains, etc. which she endured for forty four years will now fade into oblivion as eternity proceeds.Julie’s life reinforces my belief that our composition is Body, Mind and Spirit and that our spirit does not die when our body does and will be judged by God.
    Our spirit or soul is the essence of us on our journey through our lives. Our choices and obedience to God’s will, in the trials that we face determine our spiritual place in eternity, when God judges us.
    How then do we reconcile intelligence and/or lack thereof with our spiritual life? The above shows us that disabled and handicapped people may well be much closer to and more acceptable to our
    God than thinking intelligent people give them credit for. Intelligence, prompts us to think that we are superior to those of us who have much less of it, — or none of this gift from God. This is not necessarily so as our thinking ability causes us to question everything and requires us to make sense of all that we perceive. We can easily become judgmental and superior in our attitude to life and to others, who we now consider less capable than we are. Furthermore, we may even dismiss and discount their worth and not recognize their spiritual significance to the God who created them without these gifts and blessings, gifts which most of us just take for granted.
    The disabled are spiritual entities equivalent to any of us (who are blessed with intelligence etc. Their minds and bodies may well be hugely impaired BUT, they are equally -precious to God as any of us— even though we are more blessed with superior abilities and intelligence (GIFTS that we haven’t earned, but that we received at birth) GOD WILL JUDGE EACH OF US INDIVIDUALLY FOR OUR CHIOCES AND THE USE OF WHAT WE AS INDIVIDUALS — HAVE BEEN GIVEN. Think and reflect on this at length,there is a mountain of revelation in these issues and they greatly influence us in our attitude to life.
    WHAT ATTITUDE ARE YOU GOING TO ADOPT? It is hugely beneficial to adopt an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” for all that you are blessed with. YOU will choose either consciously or unconsciously your attitude to life and this choice is yours to make, your responsibility, WHEN we choose—- the attitude to life that we adopt we are the only ones responsible for our choice

    • Timothy Luke says:

      “God is spirit, and He desires those who worship Him to worship in spirit and in truth.” “God looks on the heart, not on the outward appearance as man sees.” Thank you for sharing!

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