A Warning from God saves lives

I used to be a youth minister a few years ago. The majority of our youth were what we called “street kids”. We had several kids that had been saved and had come out of gangs. There was a young man that had not been born again but was attending our youth meetings. One night, I felt impressed to speak with him. This impression went on for a little while and became more urgent as the night went on. I had no idea what it was I needed to tell him but I asked him if I could have a word with him. His sister came with him to speak to me.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to tell him, but when I was ready to speak to him all of a sudden I knew what to say. I told him, “”I don’t know what your planning to do tomorrow but the Lord is telling you not to do it! Don’t do this thing and give God a chance to do something wonderful in your life.””

His face turned pale and his sister was looking pale as well. He said, “”How did you know that?”” I said, “”I don’t know anything. I just know that was the message God wanted me to give to you.”” He said to me, “”I have tried to get out of this gang I was involved in but they are trying to force me to stay in. One of the members has said he is going to kill me so I got a gun and I had planned to take it to school tomorrow and kill him before he killed me.””

I know that I was the one turning pale then. I was so shocked. I had only recently been used in this gift. That young man and his sister gave their hearts to the Lord. I thank God everyday that he gave that young man that word and stopped him from ruining his life. Instead he gained life eternal!

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