Hey Yall. My name is Sammantha. I live in Bellingham, Washington, I’m sixteen years old, and I’m a junior in High school. At the early age of 4 my dad abanded our family, and at the age of 6 my mom passed a way. In many ways, these situations have helped me to discover the glory of god and all of the good that he has done in my life. However I’ve been struggling with an embarrasing/emotional/painful event for the past three years now. Long story short, when I was in middle school I was at my friends house for a girls night sleep over. Just for fun she brought out the ouiji board to play with. I thought it was pretty cool, and didn’t really think too much of it. A couple years later, I played it again at halloween, this time with a different group of friends, and playing the board was my idea. What I didn’t know, was that I was opening all kinds of doors that I am now dealing with today. The last satainic experience i had incountered was last summer when my friends parents told me that they were speaking with my mother who was dead. My first thought was, “Yeahh Right!” But these people both had great careers, a really nice house, they had brought up great kids, and they were very smart. So it wasn’t like, “hey these people are weirdo’s, they don’t know what their sayin” Anyways, they claimed to be pyschics, and they read my “ora.” When they began talking to my “mom” I really wasn’t believing it, so i asked them to describe what she looked like… THEY DESCRIBED HER EXACTLY how she really looked. At this point, I thought it was pretty cool what was going on. Only to later have a christian family friend point out that this is the work of satan, and that if my mom really needed to connect with me, that she would do it through god. I feel like I have opened up all these doors without knowing that I was doing anything wrong, anything that god wouldn’t approve of. All of these doors that i’ve opened have left me badly scared. These past three years i’ve had horrible anxiety and fear over being alone. It’s gotten so bad that it’s to the point were I am sleeping on the floor in my grandparents bedroom because I’m scared to death of sleeping alone, in fear that one of those evil spirits might find it the perfect oppurtunity to spook me. I know this sounds childish, but All i can do is ask for help. I also can’t take a shower with the shower curtian closed in fear of what’s on the other side while i’m in there. I cant type on the computer without looking over my shoulder every five minutes to make sure no spirit is waiting to get me. And driving in my car at night… don’t get me started. I’ve had several panic attacks on the side of the road. I just want relief from all of this. I’m wondering if someone who is reading this could pray for me?
ps- On saturday night the lead pastor of my church is going to do a “delieverance prayer” with me. Can anyone give me more feedback on this? I’ve had other pastors try to help me before… but no luck:(
Am I doomed for good? Do I ever get a chance to lead a normal life again?
– Samm.

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