A response for Shanta.

thank you Shanta for your questions which I am very happy to answer. It is my belief that we are to go out into the world to preach the gospel, deal with demons and heal the sick, this commission is for every Christian. We are to be a light to those in darkness and rescue those who are in the fire. Whether someone is a victim or not God does not want one soul to perish we must help set the captive free. In my situation where I recently met a Satanist, the lady concerned asked many questions that must be answered, we must all give an account of the hope within our hearts to others when asked. The fact that this lady also allowed me to pray with her was great, even if it was a challenge direct to me about seeing what my God could do. We must always remember when dealing with any sinner the enemy will raise his ugly head and do his up-most to deter us from sharing the truth as we wrestle with the powers of darkness. This lady who practiced the occult was also a victim and there are many reason why people get drawn into the occult, some are even groomed when young through no fault of their own. I was more than happy that day to share, witness and demonstrate Jesus is Lord, and should this lady want to continue to receive help I would do my best to sort that out for her. However should she refuse to repent and continue in her practices you would not continue to share the precious word of God. Wisdom and discernment are always needed. In reference to Matthew 7 this was mainly to the Jews at the time who blatantly refused to acknowledge Jesus and called the Holy Spirit evil, and accused Jesus’s power as coming from Satan. Everyone has a chance to repent and turn from evil even those who practice the black arts. However sometimes we need to be patient with those who are obviously trying to come out of the occult but find it very difficult and even those who come across hard and defiant, we must be careful not to judge too quickly. I believe if you are unsure how to deal with someone it is always good to get divine counsel with other Christians and look at the word of God. Hope that helps Shanta, God Bless you.

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