When my brother drowned it devasted me a great dea.At his funeral when the priest said the good lord needed him he took him.Well shortly after that I pretended to climb in a coffin to communicate or to find my brother.With in a short time I was seeing and hearing spirits.By age 14 I started to hate all diffent colored people,by 17 my spirit guide led me in to the study of witch craft.By age 20 I was in and out of psychiatric wards and rehabs.I was so heavy involved in Satanism,the occult,plus I was always high on cocain or meth.I was so badly addicted to sex and drugs that my life was falling apart in every direction.Eventualley many people were scared of me being in to Satanism so I became a psychic.As the years went by things just kept getting worse.At age 24 I got saved,now 20 years later I wrote my first book A PSYCHIC DISCOVERS JESUS,and just 6 weeks ago my second book SUICIDE SPIRIT was published.I speak all over on the dangers of the occult and I help people who are considerd mentalley ill to be set free by the power of God.Because when I cried out to God,Jesus came and I saw him and he literalley healed me mentalley,emotionalley,phisicalley and spirtualley.I have a deliverance minestry and I teach several people what is love and what is real power threw Christ Jesus.

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  1. monchi2175 says:

    I have been in demonic torment for over 2 years now. I was diagnosed with anxiety/panic disorder and have “derealization/depresonalization” I was shown by God that it is DEMONIC. I know longer have severe anxiety, yet now I have physical things grabbing, pushing, vibrating, moving my body parts on their own, and other weird stuff. I am on disability, and have been BEGGING God for mercy at times SCREAMING JESUS HELP ME!! I have had help from him from time to time, yet it feels like he has gone…I know that is not true in my head, yet hard to believe at times when your so badly affected like this. If you have any ideas or would contact me…I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks so much.

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