A Prophetic Dream

I had started going to an early morning prayer meeting, and last night while I was dreaming, the alarm woke me up. In my half woken state, while in the bathroom, the dream I was having continued.

I cannot now remember all the details of the dream. But I know that it was set for me to have a conflict with an evil werewolf, a creature of the night. This was to happen on a particular day. The werewolf had someone working with it, and I was to be helped by one man of God. However, in the dream, I got a phone call, that this man of God was delayed and only just got to the airport, so he wouldn’t be able to help me.

In the dream the conflict had to happen in the day. I was ambushed by the evil wolf. That is around the time I woke up. However, the words kept coming to me, “Praise the Son! Praise the Son!”. It was like it was a play on words, referring to the physical sun also. It was the effects of the sun that would weaken the power of the evil creature of the night so I could get the victory.

It was as if the Lord was saying – when you seem ambushed by the evil powers of darkness, praise the Lord Jesus, and in time they will weaken their grip on you.

Remembering the man at the airport, it was like God had sent someone to help, but for whatever reason – perhaps their own disobedience or mistakes – they were not able to help on time. At times when we are DISAPPOINTED WITH MAN and assaulted by the enemy we must remember that these evil powers cannot stand the light of the truth of Jesus. So we have to confront them with the light of the truth of Jesus – through DELIBERATE PRAISE OF THE LORD – and this will gain us victory as the powers of darkness must release their grip.

So when we are let down by men, it is not as if God doesn’t care – we should not yield to the temptation to complain – instead we should praise God. God has sent the blessings we need for the work of God by the hands of others – but THOSE PEOPLE sometimes are not faithful to obey God. It is like head office has approved a loan but the local officer won’t sign the cheque. We seem left alone to struggle with the devil ourselves, but if WE PRAISE GOD instead of complaining, Satan will lose his power over us and we will go free.

Michael Fackerell

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  1. Dear Michael,

    Before you jump to conclusions and say that your dreams are prophetic, you must ask yourself the following questions
    1.) Does the dream leave you with a good feeling on waking up?
    2.) Is the content of the dream clear and to the point, or does it make you more confused?
    3.) Are there any hostile elements in the dream?
    5.) Have you entered into spiritual warfare and overcome Satan in the spiritual realm?

    You need to read the best book there is on spiritual warfare, which is “war on the saints” by Jessie Penn-Lewis. Read it more than once and make notes.

    If you haven’t embarked on deliverance through spiritual warfare, then you need this book to guide you, as there are huge pitfalls which can be safely navigated if you are prepared with knowledge.

    The dangers of Satan and evil spirits are not manifest in the physical realm (daytime), but in the spiritual realm (at night)while you sleep.

    Spirits work to create deception and they do this by creating dreamscapes that beguile and deceive even the sincerest Christians into believing they are prophetic. At this stage you need discernment and this can only be learned by experiential knowledege.

    I have been engaged with the enemy daily in spiritual warfare since ’05 and i want to let you know that it is a long and painful journey till full deliverance and i am not there yet.
    What I have gained, is much practical information that could be of use to you, if you have an open mind.

    • I don’t base too much on the occasional dreams I have. If the point of them co-incides with a biblical exhortation then I can’t see the harm in it.

      As for Jessie Penn-Lewis, I have my doubts. I believe that Christians need deliverance, but Jessie Penn Lewis may well have been responsible for shutting down the Welsh Revival in her well-meaning way, through her interference in the life of Evan Roberts. I would not base my life on HER teaching, that is for sure. I don’t think she even had the basic revelation of being baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She will get you on an endless trip of looking at yourself for what is wrong in there. Much better to look to Jesus. There’s nothing good in our “flesh” anyway.

      There is something wrong when women lead the way in teaching the church new doctrines. That is the way I see it and the Scripture indicates it also.

  2. warrior daughter says:

    I would like to tell about a very vivid and prophetic dream I had about 10 years ago when I was a childrens’ pastor…I was standing outside the gates of heaven with six children…We were waiting to be let in…Instantly we were in a large lavish dining hall with people of all races eating bread…Since that time the children that were in my class are now adults and three are missionaries to different parts of the world…Another is a youth pastor’s wife….God still chooses to give me prophetic dreams…God is good…all the time

    • mikki23 says:

      Hey saints, please pray for deliverance and complete repentance for my husband and please pray that the Lord will give me a word on a situation that I need an answer to.

      where there are 2 or more gather in His name…
      and I will like my brothers and sisters in christ to be in agreement with me.

      Thanks God bless you

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