A Natural Cure for Cancer

God does not give people cancer. Cancer happens because of toxic overload in the system messing with body cells to pervert them into cancer. Toxicity is caused by environmental factors, poor diet, smoking, bad thinking and bad attitudes – such as bitterness and unforgiveness. Demons can get involved also.

The supernatural way of dealing with cancer is to command it to die and to cast the spirits of cancer out in the name of Jesus. That is great if you have the faith to do that, and the Lord is leading you so. You can speak to the mountain of cancer and command it to move. However it should be noted that asking God to heal you of cancer when you refuse to detoxify and properly feed the body could be a form of tempting God.

God doesn’t want people to die of cancer. There’s an interesting book called “The Breuss Cancer Cure” that my wife has been reading. Apparently this guy helped 45,000 people to get healed of cancer.

The guts of the treatment is as follows. If you have cancer, stop eating protein for 6 weeks, because cancers need protein to grow. Instead, give the body all the nutrients it needs to survive through vegetable juices and certain teas – such as Sage Tea.

You can see the exact recipe you need to see http://www.fasting.ws and contact Tom. A Canadian friend of mine, the author of the above website, is helping poor cancer sufferers in the Philippines get better through these methods. It has been working extremely well. People given up to die have been recovering totally.

Don’t expect the traditional medical profession or the pharmaceutical industry to be too positive about all this – not when they can make millions of dollars poisoning people to
death in the name of fighting cancer. You have to realise that the whole world, including the medical world, lies in the evil one (1 John 5:19). Don’t trust in men. Trust in God. Actually God has already given us everything necessary for life and godliness. Its a pity we’ve been so brainwashed that we believe in cancer more than in God’s goodness.

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  1. jennykets1 says:

    There are lot of changes happened in the technology which are being used to cure the cancer. Above article is quite informative to read. Actually my cousin was suffering from the eye cancer for 2 years, he was unaware of Eye cancer symptoms, he was almost lost his confidence, but he is very well now. Just because nowadays there are lot of various types of Eye Cancer Treatment such as Laser Therapy, Plaque Therapy, RadioTherapy, Exenteration, Eyewall resection, Iridocyclectomy are available to cure the eye Cancer.

  2. Penelope says:

    I have recently relied on medical science for an asthma problem following a chest infection. The drugs I took made me worse and I ended up in hospital, I’m feeling a bit better now, but scared and it’s been a tremendous blow to my confidence. Medical staff are at a complete loss to explain what happened, as tests show up as ok, I had a bad reaction to something, i’m probably a small percentage who had a dire reaction to something, as I am quite sensitive to drugs. I must admit I don’t have much faith in doctors anymore. I’d tried umpteen different types of drugs before and had bad reactions to all of them. I’ve had to rely completely on the Lord, surrendering to Him completely has been hard for myself and other people because we all like to be in control, but the fact is we’re not, in our carnal state we try to be in control in reality it’s a bad idea because we can’t do things completely in our own strength, His way is the ONLY way. I don’t know if this is an exercise in strengtheing my relationship with Him, but I know that the evil one is present everywhere and in the field of medicine. If it hadn’t been for my relationship with the Lord and relying on His supernatural strength to get me through I would have probably cracked up (he told me to rely on his strength). When I pray I feel better, but I’m going to keep asking for healing like was advised. My Christian friends have been incredibly supportive and say that I can contact them at any time, (it’s nerve-racking at times because I live on my own), they understand this, which shows they are true Christians. I’m just glad that when these things are sent to try us God, Jesus and the holy spirit were there for me. I’m taking every day as it comes but at the end of the day it’s not about us, it’s about Him and He is still God.

  3. evstevemd says:

    May be provide info about the site and one can search for exact site.

    Tit 2:11-12 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live sober

  4. Faith-in-Christ says:

    On Jan 8, 2009 I was invited to Bible study. I eagerly accepted saying, ‘Great! I really need prayer for this smoking habit.’ I’d tried and failed countless times over the years to stop and all efforts failed. But, this time I decided to fast for smoking removal. I’d been fasting about it for 2 days prior to the Bible study invite and had just ceased my fast on Jan 7, 2009. When we got to Bible study, as soon as prayer was offerred, I rushed forward saying: ‘I really need prayer for this smoking because it’s beginning to affect my health (and interfering with my relationship with Christ).’ Inside I knew -believed – God could and would remove smoking, so the Bible study teacher prayed in Jesus’ name for loosing and removal of smoking bondage as I agreed in Jesus’ name. After, I went to the car and grabbed a cigarette pack relieved to have cigarettes for later ~ immediately I sensed a voice throughout say, ‘You are in covenant relationship with Me — throw those cigarettes away.’ I did immediately and have been completely and totally smoke free ever since without cravings or inclination (even when others smoke near me – though I move); the idea of smoking is pure repulsive to me to, and I learned after the fact that the Bible study teacher who prayed to Jesus for the smoking removal had already been fasting for many days at the time of the prayer!

    • That is a wonderful testimony!

      I was blessed with a Godly grandmother who influenced me deeply. When I was a little boy, she had me promise I would never smoke…and I did.

      I’m in my fifties, and have never broken that promise/covenant.

      I have also never touched drugs in any form or alcohol..I consider it my covenant with God.

      Truly I have ZERO desire for these things.

      Bro Doug

    • Just a quick thought. I believe the author knows this, but we have so many ‘unspoken’ things behind what we say, that I trust this reminder has meaning without causing offense.

      Fasting does not work. Prayer does not work. Meditation does not work. God Works. Jesus Works. Relationship is what God works with. Prayer, fasting, meditation are avenues we have to come before Him, but it is HE who works.

      When we say ‘this works’ or ‘that works’ our words are saying it is the process that did the work. God is the One who does the work. What we do does not manipulate Him. What we do shows our heart, or releases our heart for Him to work with, and then He honors our requests as our hearts line up with His heart for us.

      Blessings and Peace,

      • jesseedavis says:

        Thank you, Timothy, your reminder is much needed. We often make things religious, but its those that are humble that get anything done.

  5. This is awesome! I tried to click on the hyperlink but I think it’s the wrong site because it talks about making money. Could you post/link the correct site? Thanks!

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