A Natural Cure for Cancer

God does not give people cancer. Cancer happens because of toxic overload in the system messing with body cells to pervert them into cancer. Toxicity is caused by environmental factors, poor diet, smoking, bad thinking and bad attitudes – such as bitterness and unforgiveness. Demons can get involved also.

The supernatural way of dealing with cancer is to command it to die and to cast the spirits of cancer out in the name of Jesus. That is great if you have the faith to do that, and the Lord is leading you so. You can speak to the mountain of cancer and command it to move. However it should be noted that asking God to heal you of cancer when you refuse to detoxify and properly feed the body could be a form of tempting God.

God doesn’t want people to die of cancer. There’s an interesting book called “The Breuss Cancer Cure” that my wife has been reading. Apparently this guy helped 45,000 people to get healed of cancer.

The guts of the treatment is as follows. If you have cancer, stop eating protein for 6 weeks, because cancers need protein to grow. Instead, give the body all the nutrients it needs to survive through vegetable juices and certain teas – such as Sage Tea.

You can see the exact recipe you need to see http://www.fasting.ws and contact Tom. A Canadian friend of mine, the author of the above website, is helping poor cancer sufferers in the Philippines get better through these methods. It has been working extremely well. People given up to die have been recovering totally.

Don’t expect the traditional medical profession or the pharmaceutical industry to be too positive about all this – not when they can make millions of dollars poisoning people to
death in the name of fighting cancer. You have to realise that the whole world, including the medical world, lies in the evil one (1 John 5:19). Don’t trust in men. Trust in God. Actually God has already given us everything necessary for life and godliness. Its a pity we’ve been so brainwashed that we believe in cancer more than in God’s goodness.

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