A Mothers role in bringing up prophets

Here's few lessons from Hannah, in raising her child as a man that would walk with God. 

1. Hannah lived the basics first

2. Hannah dedicated him 100%

3. Hannah weaned him to fullness

4. Hannah protected him

5. Hannah exposed him to God’s presence

6. Her continual support


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  1. lady-in-red says:

    I want to agree with warrior daughter that some do see ”motherhood as a burden & not a gift & that they are more concerned in being loved than giving love..”

    Its sad, i was once like that, but now i value the gift of God in entrusting me with children to ‘care’ for, for the master! I’m privileged, so i take time to teach, pray & love them, its not always easy but God’s grace is indeed sufficient.

    I do know the trauma/stress/anguish/humiliation some women go through just to have kids, so i bless God for His mercy!

    Tanks shyjumathew. God enrich you. Agape.

  2. warrior daughter says:

    All these roles are the roles of a mother raising any child rather they end up being a prophet or a laborer….

    Many mothers lack for they see motherhood as a burden & not a gift; They are more concerned in being loved than giving love..

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