A message for Carnal Christians

This sermon by Paul Washer to a group of Baptist young people could have been addressed to virtually any group of professing Christians in western world and still been just as relevant. It is better to hear the truth now than to hear words of condemnation from the mouth of Jesus later.

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  1. pearlofgreatprice says:

    What he spoke about was so true, and so difficult. But I have read those passages before, and had some of the same thoughts. We go to a “popular” church because my husband wanted to go there, and we have had a difficult time finding a church. I have often wondered why they spend so much time and effort and MONEY on football sayings and paraphanalia. I understand they are trying to be relevent to folks who are not used to churches, but isn’t that the point? I mean, if we feel uncomfortable, then we are being challenged to get back on track. Our society is way too concerned with “relating” to people (especially in the church)so that we get on their level. We need to be understanding and compassionate, but not compromising the truth of the great commission!

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