A Major Key to Developing Faith and Having Confidence with God – Obedience

John taught that if we do what God told us to do, we are going to have confidence before God and receive answers to prayer. So obedience to God is a major key to developing strong faith.

On the contrary, disobedience to God will surely weaken our confidence and hinder our ability to receive answers to prayer from God.

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  1. Joshuagm1991 says:

    Thank you Michael for the video. Sorry I haven’t been on here, glad to see you still on here Beloved.

    In Yeshua with love,

  2. Very timely message,another member and I were discussing faith or belief that God will answer our prayers. This message ties in wonderfully with that. I really liked the illustration of conditions met,versus earning.It clarified a lot for me!
    Thanks Michael!

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