a human monster.

What a blessed man I am.  To know God in such a special personal way after being what I was 40 years ago.  Looking back is very difficult because  It is very terrible to see what a monster in becoming.  It is more frightening than a horror story.  Only it was real.  Bottom line is that Satan and I were truly good buddies. 

Kid you not ,you don’t want to hear my past testimony, only that Jesus and I have become personal friends.  There is no way to describe it other than that when you really meet him, you will be totally transformed and give up that old life for a new one.

When walking away from the heavy metal rock band the members were so shocked they came to Jesus to.

So many miracles have been in my life that I don’t know what it is to not have a miracle.

Now in a short statement at this time I have been given the gifts of being a gospel music phenomina, and a teaching ministry that the world has never seen.

The Satanic warfare is so opposing that God blesses me continually just to keep me encouraged.  Rom. 8: says all things work together for our good.  If the world hates you remember says Jesus that it hated me first.

Hope you feel the same— that Jesus is coming soon for a holy people seperated unto him for his glory and praise.

by the way haven’t had even a aspirin in almost 40 years.


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  1. Bro. Dave says:

    yes a legion worth of demons have left my life. I’m free to give all my life 100% to God the father. No more time to play around Jesus is coming soon.

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