A Hindu Coming to Christ

My name is Thulasidas and I am residing at Tripunithura. First of all, I use this occasion to thank God for giving me such a nice opportunity to shout his fame. Though I was born in a Hindu Nair family I got a chance to know about Jesus from a prayer meeting in our neighbour?s house. I was interested in attending prayer meetings but my parents blocked me. But , it happened after three years when I was only 12 years old. My mother got admitted into hospital due to some serious disease. We consulted many doctors and at last Dr Rathnakaran from Tripunithura Ayurveda College advised my father to take her back to home. The doctor told him that my mother was facing the death. It made my father disappointed and he brought her back to our home. When she reached the home, the medicines started showing bad effects on her and entire body was filled with wounds. She became alone in the midst of the four walls of the room and was mentally disappointed.

After a few days she totally fell down by the news of my father’s suicide who was her only relief. Then she thought that there was no other way than surrendering to death. At that time, some brothers from a prayer group came to our house and talked about Jesus and his never ending love. They asked us to accept Jesus as our master and saviour. They prayed for us with tears and went. That day, at night, my mother prayed to Jesus for healing. At midnight, a special kind of light appeared in the room and it entered into her head. She cried loudly calling Jesus Christ. She got complete healing from her disease within a few days and accepted Jesus as saviour from then. I also started to attend prayer meetings but my relatives were not pleased with that and warned me not to go there.

When I was 16, I completely lost my relationship with Jesus and he became a stranger for me. And at the time of my graduation, I happened to interfere in campus politics and became worse. But still my mother was praying for me to Jesus with tears in her eyes. On this occasion a brother came to our house and advised me to turn my heart to Jesus. It made me angry and I shouted towards him. Then he warned me that God was going to punish me.

I had a small job in an office and after a few days I felt like someone saying to me that I am going to get some punishment for keeping away from the love of God. Within a few days my tongue and throat were injured very badly and I was admitted in hospital. During this period, the Head nurse of that hospital shared the word of God with me and taught me more about Jesus. Her words entered deeply into my heart and it started working in me. I decided to change my attitude and submit my entire life to work for him. After that, I attended a retreat at Trivandrum for 1 ½ month and I was completely healed. Now I am very glad to say that God has given me his blessings to work for him and to live for him.

Thank you Lord !!

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