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I have found something that looks pretty good, shown to me by a Christian friend from the States. You get a website through which you can shop in thousands of online websites and earn a discount on all your shopping. It doesn’t cost anything to join and I don’t think they specially inflate the price in order to pay commissions.

There are more than a thousand stores, you can get discounts on internet related services like domain name registration, web hosting, web design, telecom related services, information products, computers, home loans, software, gadgets, gift items and much more. It is open to anyone to join from anywhere, but most of the companies selling are based in the United States.

Why not check it out? If you like it and use it, you’ll be helping us to take our message to more people as we are now actively investing in website promotion, cable TV time and more to tell people about the gospel.

You might even be able to establish your own income stream, as you can earn commissions on what others sell as well. Since it doesn’t cost to join, why not give it a try?

Here is the link.

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