A few sample testimonies from Evangelist P.S. Rambabu

[Note from Michael. These are just a small sampling of the kind of miracles that always seem to be happing in Brother Rambabu’s meetings. I have been in some of his meetings near Mumbai and this stuff is just normal. It is a testimony to what can happen through a man who is dedicated to staying in the presence of God.]

A couple, in UK had no children for more than seven years and the doctors had given up hopes. But Bro. Rambabu prophesied by the Holy Spirit that they would have a baby within a year. So by May 2002 the Lord blessed the couple with a beautiful baby boy. Glory be to God.

Atul Mehta could not walk since 10 years without the help of crutches due to a problem in the spinal cord. The Lord healed him in one of our crusades and now he is able to walk without the crutches.

Two-year old Jaswinder was born with a twisted right leg. The leg was in a cast and the Lord healed her in one of our crusades. The leg straightened out and she starting walking.

Bridget Muller from Switzerland had a problem in her heart and she was operated in the year 1967. Due to surgical negligence her arm and limb on the left side stopped growing. The Lord powerfully touched and healed her. She began to see changes in the left side of her body. Her bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and toes slowly began to grow and finally the left and the right side of her body were symmetric. Praise God for the creative miracle.

A little girl by name Bethny was suffering from arthritis for the past 10 years. She was in pain. She could not do anything on her own, she could not eat, could not walk even a short distance and was confined to her home unlike other little girls of her age. The Lord healed her by his healing virtue and she was healed. She had grown tall and looked healthy. Praise be to the Lord who heals us.

Jacqueline Kay of Eastbourne, had been diagnosed of malignant mesothelioma, which is a non curable cancer caused by asbestos. The cancer was all over the peritoneum, which is the lining that goes around all the organs in the stomach. We had been told that the cancer had progressed rapidly and that there wasn’t a cure her condition.

Even getting her to Brighton was difficult as she was unwell having just been though surgery. But this did not stop her returning to the second evening’s meeting in hope that God would answer her prayer. One of the symptoms of the disease (ascites) meant that she had a huge amount of fluid in her abdomen causing her to look nine months pregnant. She was on high dosages of painkillers and sleeping tablets.
After the healing prayer, the biopsy revealed to the utter amazement of everyone that the cancer had completely disappeared. Her health and strength gradually returned and some months later she was discharged from the cancer hospital.

Vilas Shankar was a dwarf and was a beggar. He had a protruding chest, a hunch, and a short stiff neck and was unable to walk. God touched him during a mass healing prayer in Daund gospel meetings. The protrusion in the chest reduced, his hunch disappeared, his neck increased in length whereby he could easily turn his head around and also he considerably grew in height. Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Dare to Win!

From “Dare to Win” by Evangelist P.S. Rambabu. Reproduced here by permission of the author.

Visit Rambabu’s website http://www.newcreationministries.org

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  1. @gordwick, no offence but i hope u 1st look up the meaning of the word miracle and then try to b skeptical, if u haven’t experienced one does not mean another person cannot have a miracle, and our God is a god of impossibilities wat man can’t do he can. That’s why he is a miracle working God coz he left p
    u wondering or jaw dropping as to wat he can do.

  2. Jaqueline is the first case of healed mesothelioma, it’s the first time I hear about this and I really want to believe it’s true. Fighting this for of cancer is an useless fight because mesothelioma leaves no hope to those who suffer from it. That’s why I find it so hard to believe it’s true, you can check for some mesothelioma information on this site http://www.efitnesspad.com/asbestos-law-firm.html, perhaps you’ll understand why I am that skeptical about mesothelioma curing.

  3. michael says:

    This is a horrible thing you report – someone being considered crazy because they testify of a miracle they receive, and losing their children.

    We pray God reverse this thing for you.

    God can do anything if we pray. This horrible thing is not God’s will. Seek out believers and join in prayer with them for God’s purposes and kingdom to come forward, and God will also restore your family. That is what I believe.

  4. Marcel Lavoie says:

    Dear friends,
    my wife Dorothea has been totally healed from M.S. after my two boys and I prayed for her at the Crawley Community church, in Rambabu’s healing sessions. These days our heart and soul is raptured by our three children Emil, Joshua and Chantelle being taken from us, by the English social servises. Our marriage had broken up and I only saw Dorothea in court 19 days of total trama. Chantelle was adopted. The boys remain together in a placement. Four years after the brake up and devorce. I contacted Dorothea and told her that I would always love her. We now remain married. We tried the human rights court in France to get back our children, but no luck. We tried also to have another baby, and it died in the womb. We are heart broken and we know the children are as well. May something good come out of this I pray for their blessing and the ease of this torment that haunts us all. Amen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi my name is Dorothea and I was healed completely by the holy spirit working through Rambabu at Crawley Community Church. Recent MRI scans and lumbar puncture results taken in the Republic of Ireland by medical professionals confirm that there is no medical evidence of MS. At a Newcastle Upon Tyne, England court hearing the Newcastle City Council legal team interrogated me on this healing and I told them the truth that God healed me, I also told the Newcastle city council appointed psychiatrist that God had healed me of MS. This prompted Dr. Mumford to conclude that I thought I was “special” “better than other people, and all the criteria associated with a disorder named Narcissitic Personality Disorder, despite the fact that I never had any previous mental ill health history. The Newcastle Upon Tyne, England city council and the Sheriff leas Social Services have on this basis adopted my daughter Chantelle, and are keeping my two sons Emil and Joshua under care orders with no contact either direct ot indirect permitted . Furthermore they have told my sons that I am mentally ill and that is the reason that they cannot be returned to my care. My sons names are Emil ********, Joshua ******** and my daughter is Chantelle ********. Currently my husband and myself are working and residing in the republic of Ireland and have as recent as the 27,28th of February been again denied contact with our sons by Judge Moir on the premise that the boys do not wish to see us. I have been a fulltime mother for ten years and though my physical health is excellent since I was healed at Crawley Community Church by Rambabu, my entire family has been destroyed. Joshua is unwell, Emil has been expelled from school and I have no word of my daughters welfare. I should add that Emil and Joshua were both at Rambabu’s healing session and had their hands up praying for me…currently as I gather , Emil has turned his back on his previous faith in God and is not encouraged by the Newcastle city council to attend sunday school or church, in fact in my opinion this is most likely viewed by the newcastle city council as just more mental illness (i.e. having any faith in God)…so My husband and myself are together, childless in Ireland, while our children are under state care in England…..I pray that Rambabu reads this information and prays for the impossible….the complete reunification of our three children back to the care of their mother and father……Dorothea and Marcel ****** Amen

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