A Divine Revelation of Hell – Mary K. Baxter

I first read this book in the Romanian language in 1995 or thereabouts. It really impacted me then. Of course, it is not compulsory to believe in the visions and revelations of others (unless they are in the Bible), but if God speaks to you through this, then praise His Holy Name.

I imagine hell is far worse than our minds are willing to imagine. We are on this earth for a very limited season. For some people, life is cut off unexpectedly.

It is safer and better in every way to repent (turn from sin to God) than to have a theology which says you don’t need to repent. Satan always likes to have versions of the Christian religion in which you don’t need to fear God, turn from sin, or really trust God with your life. If the revelation of Mary Baxter is true, then such Christianity will be worthless in protecting you from the terrors of hell after you leave this earth in a few short years or decades.

The major sin that westerners need to repent of is PRAYERLESSNESS. We think we can live life properly without being in strong fellowship with God. WRONG. Without prayer, we will soon go astray. How can you love God without regularly talking with God? God is not a mute idol that cannot speak.

Anyway, without going on too much more myself, I include these links to audio versions of Mary K. Baxters book.

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