A Different Kind of Gift

I don`t know how this is going to work seeing I am using a cell phone to write this. The first thing I want toake note of, is I believe there are different Gift of the Spirit than mention in I Cor. They might be categories that all the gifts can fall under. The Lord had me to grow up in a place that I got to know Him and not only Him but evil spirts. I remember when I was a kid I could out in the field and it would be hot, but when I walk into a certain spot in the field my teeth would start to chatter because it was really cold in that on spot. A little later I was able to sense evil spirts. Now today I have a gift from God that I see both angels and demons. Which started about 19 years ago. I remember one time I was praying for someone a my kitchen door two of the biggest men walk through it that I ever seen. They were so tall they had to lean over so their heads would not hit the top of the room. They told me that they were come to help. These two men were angels sent from God. Some times when I pray for people I can see the evils spirts that are afflicting them, and sometimes I even know their name. I believe God shows me this to help me to pray for them. Please comment on this if you will. Also I would like to know about the gift working of mircles. If anyone know about it.

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