A dedicated and incredible woman

This is a story of an incredible 66 year old woman and her dedication and service to God. Dee Griffin dedicated her life to God and she has been a God fearing woman for about 40 years. She used to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday though her hands and legs hurt….

She has been a member of the same church for about 40 years, and has always been a God fearing woman. Several years ago she was taken to the hospital emergency room because she was having problems walking and with her joints hurting. She was hospitalized with a blood clot in her leg and several other problems. She was diagnosed with Lupus. Knowing how serious this form of Lupus is, this was devastating to her family. Instead of comforting her, she was comforting the family, letting them know everything was okay. After all God is with her.

She goes to church every Sunday and Wednesday, even when her hands or legs are hurting so bad she can hardly move them. She teaches Sunday school to the ladies of her own age group. She studies her lessons for hours upon end all throughout the week in order to try to remember them for Sunday, with Lupus, memory loss is another long term symptom. She sometimes spends all the hours of studying during the week only to get to Sunday school, and have forgotten everything.

This by far does not stop here. She also visits the halfway house for bible study with the boys who have been in trouble. Even though she may sometimes get lost getting there, or other places she has been many times. Her service continues in visiting the church members who are now housebound, taking them audio sermon tapes or just visiting. She does the same with the members who have been placed in nursing homes.

Even though the Doctors told her she should stay away from people who are sick, due to her own low immune system, she still visits the sick while they are in the hospital. She places her faith in God, that He will protect her health while doing His service. She sends cards to all the church members who are ill. Attends funerals and sends cards, and takes food to all the family members of the ones who have passed away.

She helps me answer prayer requests on my web site, plus she has another very large site that she answers requests for. Even though sometimes her hands hurt so bad she can hardly type.

In between all this, she is back and forth to the hospital for tests and blood work.

This is truly an incredible woman, who’s life is dedicated to be a witness for God, even with all the physical pain she has to endure day to day. She never complains of her problems. She says this was given to her, and God won’t give any more pain than what she can handle. In my opinion, her rewards will be great in Heaven!!!!

The woman in this story is my mother, who is also my roll model, my mentor and my friend. I love her with all my heart. I am so proud she is my mother!!!

Please say a prayer for her continuing works for the Lord, for her health, and for her pain to be eased. She would never ask this for herself.

The next time that you think you really should go to church today, but don’t feel like it, or you know you really should witness more but don’t have the time, remember this story!!!


One Way Up


“Dee Griffin”

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