A Day & A Time That I Shall Never Forget

September 11, 1983—8:48 p.m.

I remember well the events of this night. I had a hunger within for years that nothing could fill. I went to a AOG church with my best friend who had been attending this church for awhile. I had never been inside a AOG church before & this was a prophetic meeting. I sat through the service & afterwards my friend & I went to my car to talk. We argued a few minutes about what had been said about me for I had heard something entirely different than what she had. I wanted answers to what had gone on so we returned to the church. Very few people were still there but the speaker was & I asked her these questions & she answered them. Then she asked me a question “Are you saved”. Of course I had to say “no”. I had been brought up in a church but the problem of sin had never been addressed & was ignored. It was more like a social club. Immediately after I asked to be forgiven & Jesus to be my Savior I was baptized with the Holy Spirit.

My life has changed drastically for whom the Son sets free shall be free indeed.

Yes, there are times when I sin, but I have a Redeemer who does not say to me “Get away from Me –you stupid child”, but corrects me with a gentle hand.

There are times when noone understands my problems but my Beloved can & will continue to understand. I can quickly run to His awaiting arms of comfort.

There are times when He, the Great I Am, has to tell me “No” when I ask for something that He knows would be a stone, or scopion or a serpent sent into my life to destroy me if He said yes to my request.

There are times when I hurt so bad emotionally or physically, that He, the Great Physician takes me gentlely upon His lap & holds me & tells me “I will never leave you nor disappoint you”.

Yes, Jesus has done much for me but He is not through with me yet, for He is the Author & Finisher of My Faith & what a day that will be when I look upon His face–The One who saved me by His amazing grace–He will take me by the hand & walk with me into the Promiseland—What a day–What a wonderful day that will be.♥

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