I have mentioned something about my young granddaughter in one of my posts. I said she had a heart for God. Here is something she wrote, which I have placed in one of her photo albums. She may have been 7, when she wrote it. She’s 9 now.

THIS IS THE WAY SHE WROTE IT ON A SHEET OF NOTEBOOK PAPER: Jesus glorry Jesus Made the Wrld he Made the PeoPle And he Made love From everyone We shood think Jesus for Wroking so hord for are World I Love Jesus he is the King And he had a thron And he had a RinaBow arownd his thron he makes PeoPle bi in a Happy Plas calld Havn ther Will Be inniy thing You ask for

HERE IS WHAT SHE SAID: Jesus glory. Jesus made the world. He made the people. And he made love [for] everyone. We should thank Jesus for working so hard for our world. I love Jesus. He is the king. And he had a throne. And he had a rainbow around his throne. He makes people be in a happy place called heaven. There will be anything you ask for.

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