A blind man could see this.

It did not happen to me but i was there and it happened to my big brother. He doubts that God exists.So we were at McDonalds getting burgers when we were talking about god and he said something like”how do know god is even there and what proof is there?” If i were reading this i would find it hard to believe but it is true i do not lie.As soon as he said this an old man knocked on his window(we were in the drivethrough)offering a pamphlet relating god.My aunt just waved “no thanks” while i laughed because i was just amazed at the irony. and my brother was like “that was weird. And i told him”if that isnt enough for you i do not know what will convince you.”. That might not have been the most encouraging thing to say but i was just so happy that God just came immidiantly to help me out since my aunt and brother are not very faithful.The man was an older man so I told him although god may seem like he is not here and his appearence(could be a problem in life to bring you back to him0 might not be the prettiest but he is here and will always be here.

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