A 100 line Proclaimation song called I choose to believe.

I wrote this song inspired by God as an ice breaker for Christians, this song is best in a group but can be sung individually. It is to be sung with an open heart guided by the Holy Spirit, the rhythm and tune will come as the Holy Spirit guides you. Only one person leads the song and each line is repeated by those in the group until you reach 100. Sing it with passion and sincerity.

Song 3: I choose to believe. 100 Line Proclamations.

Use this song as an icebreaker.

Start in a circle one-person leads, repeat each line exactly as sung by the one leading. Do this from the heart.

1. I choose to believe in Jesus
2. In the Holy Spirit power
3. Take my fear take my pride
4. Rain down a heavenly shower
5. Take all my selfish ways inside
6. Take all of me today
7. And all that is within me
8. Lord come have your way
Capture every thought that does not belong to you
9. I am a new creation
10. There is a work for me to do.

11. I choose to believe the living word
12. It is active and alive
13. Like a mighty sword it will divide
14. Revealing all that lies inside
15. Nothing can stand in the way
16. As I submit to you
17. Grace abounds and favours me
18. As I draw near to you
19. I come to your throne of grace, knowing of your love
20. Let your will be done on earth as in heaven above

21. I choose to believe in Jesus as I kneel down to you
22. Demolish every stronghold in my mind
23. Let nothing be concealed as your light shines in my heart
24. Perfect your love in me until I find
25. How awesome is my God
26. I will hear your voice
27. For all my fears will go
28. As I make the right choice
29. A mustard seed of faith
30. Will make the mountains crumble
31. Teach me your ways and let me be humble

32. I choose to believe
Your purpose is clear
33. The gospel is for all
34. God’s word will never disappear
35. It is active
36. It is living
37. And always so forgiving
38. As your child I will stand,
39. My name is carved in your hand
40. You are my healer
41. My deliverer
42. God is my refuge every day
43. I hear your voice whisper
44. Come Holy Spirit have your way
45. Let a spirit of boldness rise up
46. I am open to every gift you bestow
47. Let your Holy Spirit flow Lord, Let your Holy Spirit flow.

48. I am hungry for
49. Your touch
50. Your grace
51. Your presence
52. I need so much
53. Your mercy and compassion
54. Will stir up a passion
55. To save souls for you, it’s what I must do
56. I seek your face
57. Your heavenly embrace
58. Your gentleness your touch
59. Let faith arise as I take up the fight
60. For God is with me, I am your delight
61. I am more than a conqueror in Jesus
62. In his name I will trust and say
63. Come Lord Jesus have your way

64. I choose to believe in the Holy Spirit
65. As I grow I will bear fruit for you
66. For Satan is crushed beneath your peace
67. to discover your truth and know release
68. My heart accepts your spiritual gifts
69. Your love makes me complete
70. Let your heavenly shower rain down
71. For it is you I truly seek.

72. I choose to believe
73. As I praise and sing
74. That nothing will separate me from my King
75. I don’t want to be lukewarm
76. But on fire
77. For you are my only desire
78. To see many lost souls saved through your name
79. I don’t want to remain the same
80. But grow and learn to imitate
81. Jesus Christ who is the gate

82. I choose to believe
83. In your healing love
84. Let your living word rise in me
85. Let revival stir in my heart
86. For everyone to see
87. I will do the same works as your word declares
88. Let the sick be healed through me
89. All demons will run chains of bondage will break
90. For the glory is God’s for Jesus sake

91. I choose to believe in the miracle of love
92. To transform lives from sin
93. Let the light of Christ shine in the dark
94. To break every yoke within
95. I choose to follow you my Lord
96. I surrender have your way
97. Come Holy Spirit start with me today.
98. Come Holy Spirit use me now I pray.
99. Come Holy Spirit restore me make me whole
100. Anoint me in your power as I go.

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