“5 A.M.” on Skype

I am having a convergence of thoughts as I take this step of faith in writing you. I will share them with you.

Have you ever done something when you were a teenager, when sometimes you would when you just 'up and did something crazy'? Getting up at 5 this morning, I had that sense … except this actually has VALUE to it!

Also, I am stirred by the extraordinary example of fellow believers in their love of the Lord. I am stirred by the millions … M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S … of believers who are on their knees at 5 a.m.  If they are crazy, they are crazy in love for Jesus. This is what I imagine Jesus' words, "I would that you were HOT, I would that you were ZEALOUS," begins to look like!

Jesus Christ spent sleepless NIGHTS, walking the wilderness in prayer for you and I and in His great love for the Father, to whom we also pray. This is an example of love for us that demonstrates a heart-longing for God and the things of God to be manifest in our lives.

Ask yourself…. you know…. the 'self' that is supposed to be dead, because we die to it daily? Yep, that one–  "At the end of the day, will I have lived more fully for the Lord because I got up at five and spent 20 minutes in prayer with fellow believers?"

It is the convergence of these thoughts that brings me to the 'crazy point' of actually sending out this invitation to do something so "out of the box" that it may compel us forward by virtue of some strange appeal to show our love for the Lord, saying 'yes, LORD, I love you THIS MUCH!'

If this resonates with you, and you would like to join in prayer at 5 am, take the steps at the end of this note to join skype for free and get plugged in. Prayer sessions will be in audio, not video, and will have chat features. Skype is set up beautifully for this, because, even if you are not of a mind to be up at 5 every morning, you can still be part of the group and share prayers and requests in the chat window that will carry an on-going dialog throughout the day! It can be a floating prayer session with the audio connect at 5 a.m., or whenever you happen to catch another prayer partner 'online'.

So, I send out this invitation to join "5 A.M." on Skype. It is a commitment I am making and giving you the opportunity to join in on. If you are interested, please reply to the email I sent from Skype, and let me know. If I see you online at Skype at 5 a.m., I will pull all who are online into the "5 A.M." prayer group and we can go from there. I hope to see you there!


1 – Go to http://www.skype.com
2 – Download Skype for free and install (follow the instructions and Skype will lead you through the process).
3 – Add "t.luke1" to your contact list… This will send me a note from you and when I am online, I will accept you as a contact…
4 – Be online at 5 A.M. and I will plug you into the prayer group! You will be blessed by this super experience as we share prayer needs and pray for one another and our fellow believers around the world!

Blessings and peace to you and yours,
aka, "Timothy Luke" on Skype

P.S. – I have invited a number of members from my
church to join in. This is a single group that meets
at the set time DAILY. I am unable to conduct other
groups. There is a limited availability and I welcome
those who have a heart to pray for others, not just
have others pray for you, to join in.

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