I have a taunting question. I am about to get Baptize on Feb 18. and I told my christian brother about it. He went on to ask me how they baptize, under who’s name. I quite did not understand his question and so I answered, “Shouldn’t it be in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?” and he said “NO”. What????

I found that to be a shocker. He said that baptizm should be done under to name of “Jesus Christ” and he went on to explain as to why and so forth. I am so confused and I have so mannnnnnyyyy ?????…..

Can some one Please help me understand. PLEASE….

What do YOU think?



  1. Dios te Bendice
    Hermanita ve a la palabra alli vas a encontrar todas tus respuesta a tus preguntas y si en Matthew 28:18-19 esta lo que tu ya sabes y dicho por El mismo. Cuando ores pidele que El sea el que te guie porque El es perfecto, y creeme El lo va hacer siempre y cuando tu le dediques tiempo para El orando y leyendo su palabra aprendiendo su palabra porque su palabra es bien poderosa la vas a necesitar, creeme. Dios te bendice mucho.

    PS Quiero felicitarte por ser obediente a los mandatos de Dios
    Im going to explain to you what you are going to do. The immersion of a believer in water symbolizing the complete renewal and change in the believer’s life and testifing to death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the way of salvation. To be baptized is to clothe oneself with Christ {Galatians 3:27} Baptism refers to the suffering and death of Christ {Mark 10:38-39; Luke 12:50}. Christian baptism is in a sense a sharing of this death and their resurrection and all that brought Christ to those events {Romans 6:1-7; Colossians 2:12}. Baptism show that a person has died to the old way of life and has been raised to a new kind of life–eternal life in Christ {Matthew 28:19-20, Colossians 3:1 ,2Timothy 2:11}. The resurrection from the water points to the Christians resurrection also {Romans 6:1-6}. My prayer is That God Keep giving you the hunger and, the desire and the pasion to follow Him

  2. warrior daughter says:

    Jesus says in Matthew 28:19

    “Go therefore & make disciples of all nations , baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son & of the Holy Spirit.”

    I suspect that your friend is of the teaching of Jesus only & this comes from Oneness Pentecostals. They use the accounts of baptizing in the book of Acts as to why they say in the name of Jesus only but Acts is saying in the name of Jesus is another way of saying by the authority of Jesus. The apostles did not change what they were commanded to do in Matthew by Jesus. They went about baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son & of the Holy Spirit.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for reading my blog and may God bless you with all that you need to overcome this world. You’re comment was uplifing, but I still don’t know if I should get baptize just yet. You see, I don’t want to baptize and feel as if I have no clue of what I am getting myself into (in the sense of who am I baptizing under, b/c the frequency of names have power and authority). I do believe in God, I just have a very hard time believing in MEN!

      At this point in time I am questioning many things to the point that I dont’ want to say anything to anyone b/c I want God to give me an answer. I dont’ understand why the devil has so much power that he can do many things and perform many miracles. How do I know what is from God and what is not from God? I feel as if I am about to shut down and just wait for God’s respond but is that safe to do? is that the right thing to do?

      Once again I am questioning life. I had stopped questioning life’s rhythm but now I am in the same wagon as b/4, “How should I live life?”. I have sustained from many things b/c of fear of getting lost in life’s processess (ex: salsa dancing, kick boxing, etc). I even question “working out” is that bad? I wear sweats, is that bad? Do I make sense? Is like being mentally trapped to the point of being stagnant. Where do I stand? How should I live life?

      • warrior daughter says:

        God does not care about what you wear or if you should abstain from some things you have mentioned…He is in the business of creating a new heart within people…Let Him continue creating in you a new heart & a new spirit & then you will know what you need to give up….

        For the Lord does not see as a man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart…1 Samuel 16:7

        Serve Him with a loyal heart & a willing mind; for the Lord searches all hearts & understands all the intent of the thoughts. 1 Chronicles 28:9

        As far as being baptized, until you are certain not only in your heart but also in your mind that one must be baptized as the Word of God commands, then it is time to wait until you heart & mind are syncronized…

        I want to thank God for you that you desire to please God & desire to do what is correct in God’s eyes…
        I pray that you be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom & spiritual understanding; that you may have a walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work & increasing in the knowledge of God; strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience & longsuffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints of light. For He has delivered us from the power of darkness & translated us into the kingdom of His Son of His love in who we have redemption through His Blood , the forgiveness of sins..Colossians 2:9-14

  3. Joshuagm1991 says:

    There are some really good scripture based articles on this site for that. Just type it in on the search.

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