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I have to tell you that although I am a born again Christian, I felt that there was still something missing in my life and I prayed for the Lord to show me what was wrong and I struggled to hang on. Then I started to read and listen to tapes about deliverance. It was sort of confusing, but then I believe the Lord led me to this site. I was looking to try to help my aunt who is having a hard time with her daughter. Suddenly, I saw myself in a lot of the areas that you talked about. I know that this site is anointed because of what has been happening to me since I found it. First I have been suffering these chest pains for the past 11 days off and on.Yesterday, I had a severe attack at my church. The ladies with me immediately began to rebuke the devil and to lay hands on me. I was terrified and so were my daughter and husband. Then I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to breathe in the healing. I did not totally understand this at first, but I did as He told me. I breathed in through my nose and blew out with my mouth. Every breath became easier and with every breath I expelled, the pain became less. I knew I was healed. I did not even have any residual pain after a few moments. My husband still insists that I go to my doctor., so I will. I would love for them to find traces that I had had a heart attack so it would be a great testimony to His great power.

After this attack, I went on to help set up our special Missions Fellowship Dinner, and then went back into the sanctuary where my husband and I performed our second song of the day. No one except those in the fellowship hall knew anything had happened.

When I got home, I went back to reading more on deliverance from your site. I read the part about how the spirits can be forced out through your mouth. I had not known this. But, it all made sense. The Holy Spirit had told me to breath in my healing, and I automatically breathed out through my mouth with every breath. The spirit of pain and illness was forced out of me with every breath. Well, this morning, I wanted to know more. So, I went back on line and looked at more information on this subject here at your site.

As I was reading about deliverance from the evil one, I felt the Spirit descend on me and all of a sudden I felt the desire to be free so strong and I literally did what you said step by step. I renounced everything I had ever done and all that my ancestors had ever done.(I have a predominately Native American heritage) I repented for my sins and those of my ancestors. Then I asked the Lord to deliver me. Then it got scary. I started to take deep breaths through my nose and force air out of my lungs through my mouth. As I did this I felt this fear, so I prayed that the Holy Spirit would be with me and that Jesus would hold my hand. Then I felt safe and the air was pushing out on it’s own…Hard. It was so hard that I could not believe that I could hold that much air. There were noises like wheezing only different, then I started to cough and as I coughed I felt something release. I started to weep and I could not stop for a long time. I just asked the Holy Spirit to fill me and to close all the doors to the devil. I also asked the Lord to allow me to stand in the gap for my family and I accused the devil of all the damage he has done in my family and asked the Lord to break the chains and deliver my family from the curses put on them by the devil. I could not stop praising the Lord for so long. When I was able I asked the Lord to bless you for allowing Him to use you to set people free. Today I am free!!!!! I am a new creature and now I am ready to accept all the gifts the Lord has been trying to give me.

Thank you for listening to Him and thank you for this site. I am not yet able to help financially with your ministry, but I know after today things are going to change. I do, however, have time and I know yours is limited. If there is anything I can do, I will be glad to help. I have a little experience in launching websites and I have a couple of my own that I think He is ready for me to launch.And Now, thanks to your heeding the Holy Spirit, I know I can do this.

Thank you so much and I ask the Lord to richly bless you and your family. I will be in your line in heaven to see you crowned for helping so many…including me.

In the Love of Jesus,


P.S. I will be putting your URL as my signature on my e-mail. You might suggest that others do that. It will help to get your site out to some that may not otherwise find out about it.


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