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Set Out of Sodom

When I was just three years old, the war began; the spiritual war. I woke up one morning, and I could hear my family in the other room laughing and talking. I turned to look out the window, and there was a monster- a mud monster! I jumped out of bed and ran out to the livingroom screaming ,”Mud monster! Mud Monster!” My mom, dad, older brother, and sister all started laughing at me. But this was no joke. It was real. I SAW IT!!.

Nations, Kingdoms and Ideas

Does a Nation stop being a nation because the founding member/members have died?
Have England, America, Canada, and Egypt Stop being these noted countries up today as result of their founding members dying, we already know the answer to this question which is NO. So if these countries still exist and have claims of greatness how much greater is the Kingdom of God on earth, has not our founding member been raised from the dead and is he now alive for evermore.

Demon hunter

I am 61 years young and have been destined to write a book on demonology. This is now in the process. I am a full flegged baptism in the spirit Christian. I believe totaly in baptism in Jesus name and I am totally ready to back this up to anyone. I have been married for 39 years to the same beautiful woman and love her with all my heart.


For men find value in Gold and Precious Stones but I will say that Jesus who is the word of God is more valuable than any of these stones and gold. I will use the comparison to these items to show men how God showed me how to value the word of God the precious word of God. His words never rise and fall in value; his words are not affected by economic conditions. His words are priceless no man can offer any amount of money to purchase his words or favour.

Listed Below is some phrases that God, give to me about the how to value and look at his words.

The World Ends in Fire. Why?

The World Ends in Fire. Why?

Someone, who disagreed with me about how the world came into being, once challenged my view by retorting, “Were you there?” and then walked away smugly, as though he had put me down with his mocking question. I wish I had had the presence of mind to have answered, “Of course not . . . but I know someone who was.”

Medicine Is In Your Mouth

One of the most important things people overlook in dealing with sickness is what they speak out of their mouth. You can’t just speak anything because your words have an effect on your body. In the book of James he says, if you offend not in word, you are able to bridle your whole body. He also goes on to say your tongue is like the rudder of a ship, so if you want to go from sickness to healing then you are going to have to set your tongue to healing and not sickness. In 1Peter 3:10 he says, if you want to see good keep your tongue from evil.

Who is Jesus Christ ?

I have a request to all the people of God on this site, to write an article on the topic “Who is Jesus Christ ” ? in 800 + words. There were at least 22 million people who made a search on this topic last year. I believe your article will make a difference in the lives of millions of people who want to know about Jesus on internet, may be in the initial stage they don’t want to read Bible or attend christian crusades & want to make a self search through google.

Ennui: The Curse of God

ENNUI: The Curse of God

Before warning about this particular curse of God, perhaps it needs to be settled in some people’s minds that God places curses at all. Scripture makes it clear that he does, including curses on people, places, and things.

Things: The first such curse recorded in Scripture is the familiar one he placed on the serpent for deceiving Adam and Eve:

Praise on Earth as it is in Heaven

All the accounts of heaven – from John's accounts in the Book of Revelation, to modern day testimonies of people who have been permitted to see parts of heaven – either during clinical death experiences or by some kind of special intervention of God – all these accounts speak of the fact that a lot of what goes on in heaven consists of praise to God the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ.




I’m sick of my complacency
I’m sick of not running face-first into the fire.
Let me NEVER make peace with the enemies of the Gospel;
But hate with a holy hatred those things contrary to God and His full counsel (Psalm 5:5)
I will fashion my whip of cords from His Holy Word and fight to remove the unclean from the House of God For God is my Strong Tower (Psalm 61:3) and Jesus the Captain of the Host who fights with me. (Joshua 5:14)
I am now awake.

—a resurrected warrior for the Truth


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