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The Wilderness

“Anita Spade” immediately noticed that the affordable place that she rented for her family was unlivable. As soon as she paid the deposit and first month rent, she was informed that the house was scheduled to be cleaned and fixed within the next couple of days. She was also told to expect a couple of inspections done to it by then too. Whatever needed to be fixed and replaced were to be taken care of shortly afterwards. After the house passed those tests, she was to receive basic kitchen appliances, as well as to have the water and utilities able to be turned on for her usage.

Healing from body-ailments after occult deliverance

For the past 8 years, I had been getting pain on the left side of my head, eye, jaw and ear. I also had a boil in my nose for approximately 5 to 6 years and I had a nail infection, as well. My family and I had been into occultism when I was inflicted with all these troubles.

deliverance from fear & earned my bachelors degree

I used to live in fear a lot as a child and couldn’t sleep at night out of fear that there was a ghost living in my house. I had a large spare fridge in my room for a while, which covered the entrance to my room. I would only sleep in the shadow that the fridge would cast on my bed. If I woke up and knew I wasn’t sleeping in that shadow, I would panic. I could not walk around my apartment without the feeling that someone was always behind me, it was a scary feeling not a safe one.

financial deliverance

I arrived to the US as an international student in August 2008 and began working at the university I was studying at in mid-December of 2008 until mid-January of 2009 and earned around $612. I filed for my tax returns and received it without any trouble. I then began working again in September 2011 till May 2012. I filed for my tax returns but this time nothing went right.

I Am Narnia’s Dawn Treader Dragon

(Note: I know this film has been out for a while, but good messages in movies are timeless, and I want to share one such treasure here.) My heart cringes and I cry tears when I watch one scene in newer release of “The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” as the boy turned dragon scratches himself after having been wounded by a sword and crashes onto an isolated, pure white island of sand in the ocean. The dragon claws at his skin, desperately trying to remove the skin and flesh of what he has become because of his greed and selfish nature.




Our Dear Brother Mathew is in need of Heeling from a serious surgery and his spirit is in desperate need of quickening! I ask for all the fasting and prayer that may be given for him! Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette!

You Are Being Watched. Do You Know Why?

You Are Being Watched. Do You Know Why?

Did you know that you are being watched? Saint Paul says that the apostles are “a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to men” (1 Cor. 4:9 NIV). In other words, not only do other human beings in our world watch what those who belong to Jesus do on this planet, other beings not of this world are watching as well. Sounds like a plot for a science-fiction movie, doesn’t it? But it is truth, not fiction, and this truth is confirmed in Scripture.

Put On Your Shoes And Walk!

The Word of God instructs us all to walk according to the statures and standards that He gave us, this means walking by faith. Walking by faith means walking in accordance with His principles, and with full confidence in His promises. Walking by faith also means not being moved by what you see, think or feel by way of human faculties.

Andrew Goodwin, Ex-schizophrenic Videos

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