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God Has Provided Your Healing

Healing and salvation are part of the same package. The same blood that brought salvation also brought healing. God does not have to do another thing for anyone to be saved it’s up to them to receive Jesus as their Lord and saviour just as it’s up to you to receive healing. You have to see healing as a finished work of the cross. When Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished”, he was not just referring to salvation(redeeming of your spirit), but healing also (1Peter 2:24).

Why We Pray

Prayer is such an important part in our lives as Christians. First of all, we must recognize prayer as a privilege as well as an honour. Every moment of prayer is an investment in eternity and true prayer is a romance of righteousness. Our fellowship is with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Through prayer we participate in the communion of the God-kind; it’s a throne-room caucus rendezvous: Jesus made it so! Oh, that the eyes of our understanding may be enlightened to see this awesome truth and that we may walk in the light of it!


For the past twelve years of being a born again Christian, I experienced many storms in life.But the later part was so called difficult. I was always attending a prayer intercession in the church and as much as I remember, when I begin to worship God in my heart I used to see visions. In a vision I saw myself in a mudy pit submerging but I saw God´s hand holding my hand and He never let go.

My Testimony, freedom from depression and bi-polar.

First off had I known how easy it would have been to receive deliverance from Bi-polar manic depression I would have commanded the devils to leave long ago.

I became a Christian in 1986.

In 1982 I prayed to the cosmos through a stupid book on how to learn ESP, extra sensory perception. Two evil spirits entered me way back then. Praying to something else and not God gave them the right to enter.

Simply becoming a Christian four years later did not permanently remove those Demons.

One Bible Verse Changed My Life

I didn’t join the Mormon Church, I was born into it. It was the only religion I had ever known… I thankfully found out, later in life, that Jesus can free you from the bondage and stranglehold of the LDS religion. If He can speak everything into existence, He can change hearts and lives with the greatest of ease! I met my wife when I was 25 years old… When we began dating she found out I was a Mormon and while I didn’t know anything about her religious background I did learn she loved Jesus.

The Seasons of Life


King Solomon was a knowledgeable man who thought a lot about the way life goes. He wrote these words in Ecclesiastes 3.


My Dad’s Family Curse

I have been suffering from Chronic Lympomatic Leukemia since Aug 2011.
Lately my Father’s has been very fond of me. Never had this bonding before
I also feel very emotionally attached to my parents like never before.

Is it because of the disease. Now my parents don’t want me to go back
to my Husband who has taken great pains during my disease.

My Uncle’s ( Dad’s Elder Brother) daughter had died of Breast Cancer in Dec 2007
Then my Aunt’s (Dad’s Elder Sister) son died mysteriously of low platelet count
in Dec 2011.

Does God Truly Love Me?

I Know on this site at times we get so caught up in the conversations we are having that sometimes we forget to examine our own Hearts and truly listen to the Holy Spirit and what he is trying to say to others. Sometimes we are blunt with those whom have such tender hearts that they may take our words as us telling them that God doesn’t Love them. I Am not a vain woman and my feet are size, 11-12 in woman’s shoes. This means it takes quite a long time removing a foot from my own mouth, and I don’t have a surgeon in the family. I believe this is why God gave me such big feet.

Fleeing from freemasonry and Buddhism to find Jesus Christ.

My maternal grandmother who was Ghanian, was a lady Freemason and later an Oddfellow.She programmed me to become a Jehovah’s witness,or create a new form of Buddhism where there is a God,or to become a Freemason like she was.I was cursed many times by Freemasons and I responded as I had been programmed to by my grandmother to “turn the other cheek” and say thank-you.I experimented with lots of religions.


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