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Valerie’s Testimony of Deliverance and Healing and going through the fires with JESUS by my side! Part 1

My dear Brothers and Sisters: When I came to know the LORD 24 years ago, I remember the first 6 years I was just on fire for the LORD and filled with HIS SPIRIT. It is almost like the honeymoon phase as we are just getting to know about our LORD. But, there comes a time when the LORD wants us to get of the milk of the word and start eating the meat of the word. Now, this is where we will be faced with every lie and attack of the enemy of our souls. This is a spiritual war that we are in.

Another Opportunity

My praises are going to our Lord Jesus Christ .. the Lord opened the door for me to work again …it was along jurny but i had to get well before i can work when i was useing drugs and drinking i became ill so know im doing better 10 years better and i thank the Lord for alowing me to work again .. so my praises go to our God Almighty he pulled me out from going to Hell when he went to the Cross for you and me and for gave me for all i did ,, thank you Lord

My late cat and my smartphone

On October 5, I learned that my cat, Belle, was very ill with a liver disorder. I was heartbroken. The vet and I agreed to put her to sleep the next afternoon. Around noon the next day, I was holding her on my bed and loving her. My smartphone was about two feet away on my nightstand.

When I pray to God, I always ask for a sign from Him. That day I was praying, very desperate for Him. I asked for a sign as usual and finished praying.

Health problems for 20+ years

I’m 47. On top of my FMS, CFS, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, mild scoliosis, sciatica, hypothyroidism and menopause…I now have Skin Cancer (squamous, basal, keratosis), skin necrosis, dna damage, nerve damage, dead and gone oil, sweat and sebaceous glands, etc, etc. I would like to ask anyone to pray for healing for me.
I’m ‘at the end of my rope’ now and even though death seems like it would be a tremendous relief, I have responsibilities that I cannot abandon.

Faith and Works

I remember years ago,on sunday afernoons people would visit my grandmother,and you could hear them praying from outside in the yard.People then used their faith by spending their sundays praying for church members and friends of the church,then later that night,back in the church singing and shouting praising God. Now days if you did these things you might be called a nut.


Dream: Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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