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Good Morning to all,

I am finally steping out in faith. I am learning that faith is more than a belief it’s a walk. I am acting out in faith. I am steping out and asking God to help me each and every morning. Consequently I find myself more at peace, more energetic, I make it in to work and on time.

What to Be Always and Do Continually

I am challenged by the standard the Bible gives for Christian living. To come close to this standard, or to attain it, requires a changed heart and an ongoing renewal of the mind. A person who does not know God cannot sustain these kinds of attitudes and practices in their life. When one is born again of the Spirit of God the foundation is put in place to begin to live a life according to these commands and exhortations from the Scripture.


1. In everything GIVE thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

the house of God

tonight I went to the church I was spiritally born in.I haven;t been there in a very long time.When I entered in I noticed a Christmas play was planned,so I decided to stay. As I began to look around I saw strings of lights laying on the alters ,a 12 inch christmas tree on the end of the alter,and pine tree limbs decorating behind the bible stand. needless to say ,I was so angry, I found my Lord in that old alter and now its a Christmas ornament.

Real Salvation

Savation is a term widely used but not always real,some use it loosely and think they can use it like a get out of jail free card,but on the average day its not important. Real salvation goes something like this. My dad died when I was 15, My mother remarried,but I was a hard headed and a little mixed up. the man she married was a good man,he took me hunting and fishing,and tried to have good relations,well most times I was rebellous and give him much trouble,I even shot his truck with a 20guage shotgun.

Dealing with the dark side

As I was browsing the internet, I found this site. Not sure why I ended up here but I always believe everything happens for a reason and there is always a lesson to learn in each season. Perhaps by sharing my testimony here would glorify our beloved God and strengthen some of your faith. It would probably end up as a lengthy one, so please bear with me. My testimony would probably cover quite a fair bit of topics that most of you have posted in the “deliverance and spiritual warfare”. If I am too sleepy (2am now), then I would probably split it into sub-topics.

Whatever is of evil, God turns it into good …

This may sound silly but as I was driving just now, I was thinking would it be possible for the fallen angels to turn their hearts and souls towards God. Would God give them another chance and forgive them?

From the bible, it says the devil are the followers of Lucifer and they are the fallen angels. I do not know what have they done that they fell so badly. I assume, they too were once God’s creation since God made the world and everything else.

Quotes of Dying Atheists and God-Haters

Whether all these quotes are true or not, I cannot say for sure. Some God-haters today will deny that such things were ever said. I am not a personal witness to them, but none of them would surprise me. Don't wait until YOU are in the place these people were before you decide to believe in a Holy God who requires that you humbly accept His terms of salvation.


An Atheist in Hell

This is an extract from John Bunyan's work. John Bunyan was given this revelationary experience concerning life after death in the 17th century. Consider how similar this is to so many modern reports of people who claim to have been taken to see hell by Almighty God, so as to warn others.



An Atheist in Hell

So confused

Christmas Miracle

I need a miracle. I love my husband with all that’s in me. We found out his ex wife misplaced the divorce decree she can only find the filing papers. This was from 17 years ago. Now the court can not find them. My husband had to refile 8 months ago but now he doesn’t want to remarry and feels it was a sign because he said he was never in love with me but loved me like a best friend. I think he is saying that because he found an old girlfriend in another state he wants to be with. She only wants to be friends. Please pray that Gods restores all that the enemy has stolen from me.


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