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You Can’t Run


Eve Ray – A Chasing of the Winds


A Chasing of the Winds

Every heart is filled with longing to be free from all life's pain. Yet every road we travel down seeking earthly pleasures only end in vain. Only God can fill the barren places in our hearts and without Him, life has no meaning. All things fail as they begin, and hearts deceived can only know the Chasing of the Wind.

Welcome to my life! My name is Eve Ray…. former Diamond in the Rough and Chaser of the Winds.

When I Needed Jesus Badly


When I Needed Jesus Badly

Hi, My name is Trudy and I live with my family in Ontario, Canada. I will try to give you a mental picture of who I am, where I came from and where I am now, spiritually speaking.

There is a Heaven – NDE Testimony of David Smith


Testimony of Mike Ramirez


Tom’s Adventures With God


Dear Michael,

The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship has been a blessing in my life.

Healed from Depression at the Brink of Suicide



Hello, My name is Dale Marie, I have enjoyed your web site. And I very much felt lead to share this story with you. I am somewhat a new Christian, although I was saved in 1988, I have come to know the Lord Jesus in a personal relationship in the past 4 years.

Protected by God during Assault


Protected by God during Assault

Dear Marlies,

Delivered from Lesbianism


Giving up Hypnotherapy to Serve God


The Testimony of Sherrie Marshall

Reference Verses:

1 Cor 7:26
Mat 10:8
1 Cor 1:27-28

My name is Sherrie Marshall and I am 35 years old, happily married with 2 children. I personally became born again on Tuesday October 10, 2000. This day has already changed my life in so many wonderful ways.


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