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Got a Job after 3 years 8 months

Our Race

Inspired by Deut 7:22

We run a race, but not at our pace
We run at the pace of Our Master
He knows where we are, and what we can do
He’s looking for steady, not faster
He builds us up one notch at a time
And tries our strength each step of the way
He wants us to know we can bear the load
That He lays on us on life’s torturous way.
We often say: O Lord enough
My shoulder is frail; I can’t take it
He smiles and replies: Child I know your strength
Your shoulder is Mine, I made it.
That’s what each test or temptation does
It just proves He is right, as always

The First Century Church

When we take a good hard look at the Corinthian church, what we see is a first century church, that was still in the formation process. The believers which comprised this church at Corinth, were from all walks of life, but the one thing they all had in common besides the new birth experience which is found in Jesus Christ, was they were all BABES there were none which could be called elders. They also didn’t have the Bible in which to study, they were Heathens, Pagans, and Jews.

This is God talking in a personal way

28. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 January 91 in tongues, English and Non- understandable tongues.


Oh Man, am I tired. Oh man, am I tired. Listen to My Words. Man!, am I tired. I am tired of talking. I am tired of talking. I Tell you, and I tell you, and I tell you. Do you Listen? Do you Listen? Man!, what do I have to do to make you listen. Listen My Children. Listen My Children. This is your Father. This is your Father talking. I Love you. I Love you with all of My Heart.

I Am Coming! Part 90

Letter 153 Letter Spoken by LORD JESUS to Susan 9-1-11

Write MY Words down:

This is MY Voice. Listen Carefully. The hour is approaching for MY Return. Daughter this is a fact. Many do not believe it. It is true, I am coming!

The hour has become very evil and dark. The people know not their GOD. They see ME not. I am not recognized by MY children. I am your GOD and yet other things captivate you more. You are succumbing to other voices. These voices tell you all is well, put your faith in your own might and reasoning.

Needs help and prayers!

I came across this sight after looking for something to help me really put all my faith and trust in God. I have had the ROUGHEST last 7 months of my entire life. Last February I tore my ACL and meniscus playing basketball, the sport that I truly love and it was taken away from me. I will admit, I was very angry at God for about three weeks, didn’t want really anything to do with him. I felt like he had DONE this TO me.

Are we foolish virgins?

God has recently blessed me with understanding to the parable of 10 virgins (Matthew 25:1-12), now this had been bothering me for a while as I just felt so confused by the teachings I had received about the oil representing faith when this just isn’t true and made no sense to me as the foolish virgins choose to go and buy some oil last minute, and you can’t buy faith.

Testimony of a Thai Colonel

Testimony of a Thai Colonel

by Surasak Banjukeaw

I have been in the Royal Thai Army for the last 32 years. Recently I retired as Chief of Defense Affairs Division, National Defense Institute of the Royal Thai Army.

After being raised in a Thai Buddhist family, I joined the military. The Thai army “way of life” is formally and informally full of Buddhist religious practices. Moreover, to have the best chance for promotion an officer must be Buddhist.

THY GRACE- Was I not with the heart of “Pharaoh”?

Praise The Lord once again for the wonders He did in my life. Here, I wish to narrate one of it which I took very lightly that time but proved to be His Grace only.
I enlisted in the army as a soldier in the year 1963 at par with my educational qualification which was not at my satisfactory level. My eager was to study more and I got a chance to join The Army Education College to specialize in foreign languages, that too in Chinese (Mandarin). I found myself hard-working to attain a better standard and in my completion of graduation I attained the top level in the same.


I could only read the first two testimonies at the top of the blog. I really don’t know anything about blogs so if this ends up somewhere it doesn’t belong then so be it… but I really had to join this discussion. This is why…


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