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The Sovereignty of the Believer

I need help

I am a 26 year old living in my Dad’s house as I left my ex of 4 years and moved back in here until I get on my feet.

My dad is an HIV + homosexual who is also an apparent alcoholic. Tonight I had to call 911 because he was too drunk to get into the house from the SUV. Him and his partner were in the driveway both covered in vomit yelling at each other. if that isn’t humiliating I don’t know what is.

THY GRACE = Aftermaths of addictions – Suicide Attempts

To begin with, I introduced me as a retired soldier in my profile and I lead a life sufficiently fitting to be a rough soldier. To elaborate more, I was an alcoholic and a chain smoker. When I started my career as a soldier, I had occasional chances for my drinks like thrice a week and once I got commissioned as an officer I was liberal for drinks at any time and I was the last man to loose my opportunity of enjoying my drinks. This continued till the time I was retired, and after coming home too I maintained similar status.

The End Of Myself

Dear World and Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus:


Anyone experience fear? Well I did… 30 years… and 18 as a Christian! I went to and fro looking for my freedom but no one was able to help me. All I got was, “just believe God.” Well… that didn’t work. I had extreme panic attacks, phobias, stress, anxiety, and fear. I was in more fear when I didn’t get healed when I became a Christian. I was confused because I read that “by His stripes I am healed.” So what was the problem? I was doing everything I knew to serve the Lord, yet nothing was working. I became suicidal, and just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.

The bride of Christ is under attack now to make her miss the rapture – Call to 40 day fasting

——-Original Message——-

From: Augusto Maquengo
Date: 25/08/2011 4:26:58


Creator God – Chapter One


The Bible begins with these words: “In the beginning God. . . .” The Bible does not prove the existence of God, but rather begins directly with God. The  first chapter of the Bible reveals that God is the Creator. The word “God” occurs 4,379 times in the Bible. Therefore let us know about this Creator God in our very first study.


Seven Words  Used  for God

THY GRACE= A dream which authenticated Lord’s consideration for me

I was a person. preferred to live a life of my own fame and name always whether in service or out of service at home. I was born to a born again and spirit filled family, which always gave importance to The Lord first and then the remaining. But to my selfish motive of so-called LQ (leadership quotient) I left the church to join some one else very close to my parent church which again to show my revenge to some of the members of the parent church of my disgust.

Need prayers

l came across this site and have read inspirational materials, l believe and have faith that God will heal me. l have been tested the 1st time and am hiv positive, the bible says there is nothing too big for God. I have read His Word and l believe there is nothing impossible God can do. Please assist me with your prayers, l know God will make a way when l go for a second test. I confess all my sins and l believe and have faith that He is willingly to forgive and grant me a new life in Him.

I Am Coming! Part 88

Letter 151 Spoken by the LORD JESUS to Susan August 21, 2011

Yes daughter, it is time for ME to give you Words:

Children, I am your LORD. It is by MY Grace that you are saved. It is not by your might, it is by MY Wonderful HOLY SPIRIT WHO brought ME up out of the grave and set ME on High Places next to the Right Hand of MY FATHER, your FATHER.

WE are ONE. WE are ALL in ALL. MY Power and Glory is ONE with the FATHER and the SPIRIT. WE are the ALMIGHTY DIADEM. WE rein Supreme over the universe, all of mankind, and beyond.


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