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Growing in Love, Faith, and Hope.

Growing up in a Christian family, i was born in faith. I knew how to Love God, to hope for the better, and to place all of my life in the word of our Lord. Like every human being, i grew up. I learned how to pray, how to talk to God , and eventually, how to preach the word to others. I’ve preached about our faithful Savior to most of my friends, and when i saw a glimpse of hope, i would help them to be Christians. I wanted every human being out there; every person; every mother,daughter,father,son,uncle,etc. to feel the Love, and encouragement,i had received all of my life from Christ.

AWFUL SHAKING in CHRISTCHURCH – Earthquake Report by Andrew Strom

It was with terrible sadness that I learned yesterday of another huge earthquake hitting the New Zealand city of Christchurch. It has only been 2 months since we left that city and we have many dear friends there. The first earthquake last year had no fatalities but this one looks to have many dead and injured.


I want to share a few things about our time in Christchurch that left me quite disturbed and concerned when we left. But I want to be sensitive because of the terrible sadness associated with this new quake.


Question about What the Bible says

Good evening all. what I want to know is what the bible says about two people who go to church living together but not married? thanks, your input is greatly appreciated.

Hi From Barbados

Hello everyone, My name is Tonia and I reside in Barbados. I stumbled on this site looking for some information on sanctification. When I saw the site I was really impressed and decided to become a member, of which I am now glad that I did.

God’s presence

I am currently on a partial 40 day fast and today is my 16th day. I have been reading the bible and praying throughout every day. The problem is I feel so far away from God, I don’t feel his presence. I feel so discouraged because the main purpose of my fast was to draw closer to God and grow spiritually but I feel like hes taken his presence away from me, I don’t know whether I should continue or just stop.

Please pray for me.

Muslim Brotherhood preparing for Jihad on Israel

Walid Shoebat, former islamic terrorist turned Christian, talks about the new islamic revolution that is happening in the Middle East right now. Muslims use a cover of peace. You can't believe anything they say in English. You have to know what they are saying to their own people in ARABIC.

Healed 100%

I got sick years ago. It had no cure. It is only a matter of years before I see myself physically deteriorate. It was all my fault. My dreams and hopes were all fading in the background. My life was over. No way out. God was my only salvation.

I kept my faith. Prayed everyday for forgiveness, mercy and redemption. God answered my prayers. I am healed of everything!!!!! So please do not stop believing. Hang on to your faith. God is alive and working. He makes miracles. Believe in Him. Pray, pray, pray. Live you life with love. Forgive yourself. Ask for God’s forgiveness.


I just wanted to share a miracle that happened to me. Hopefully, people who would come across this testimony will find the same hope, redemption and forgiveness that I found. I became ill many years ago. It had no cure. It was just a matter of years before I see my physical deteriorate. I was irresponsible. No one was to blame but myself. All my hopes and dreams, I can see fading in the background. My life is over. There is no way out.

Need some help

I used to be a devout believer in Christ. I always had my ups and downs really though. I dont feel that my faith is strong. When things go wrong my faith goes down, and that leads to a life of sin. I want to get back on track, but im at a time of my life where I need God, need him to help me with things that are coming up in my life, but I feel that I dont want to go back to God because I need something.

Hi There I’m Casey

Hello I am a non denominational Christian. I am from Spring Texas. I have been a hair dresser for 10 years and the last year I have moved in with my sister to be a live in Nanny to my niece. I am ready for the next chapter in my life. I love arts and crafts. I love my boston terrier named Angus. He is like my real son lol! well nice to meet all of you and find this website!


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