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“I may die, but I will not deny my God.”

Greetings in the name of the Lord! Please remember the body of Christ who are suffering simply for believing in Jesus Christ. We find so many things to complain about in our lives, but lets take a moment each day to remember those who are truly persecuted for their faith, and pray for them that they would be bold in witness and strengthened in God's love, as well as that they would be provided for. The following is an article and the link it comes from…..


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Be filled with the Holy Spirit, redeeming the time!

Happy New Year to all! When I prayed tonight, I got a Word from God. The Bible says: 'Be filled with the Spirit, redeeming the time!' (Ephesians 5). God says here that if we take the time to pray and put the effort necessary to pray UNTIL we are truly filled with the Holy Spirit, He will make sure that the time you put in prayer will be redeemed and even more!

Floods of Biblical proportions in Australia

Please pray about the natural disasters that have hit Queensland in Australia and NSW. They say it is the worst in Australia's history and of 'Biblical proportions'. I thought it would be worth sharing afresh a dream I had at the beginning of 2008 where natural disasters were predicted by God for Australia. You can read it at

” I Know There Is Power In Prayer “

This was typed February 11, 2006

This is my story of how Jesus brought me through my sickness. He lifted me!!! I never knew I really had a serious problem. I started having pain. I was told the pain was from my two Cesareans that I had. The pain got worse and worse. It was unbearable! The pain went on since 1995.

If ever there was a year I needed a Miracle 2010 was it!

First I have to say I didn’t get my Miracle. I had to pass through ever trial and suffering and sickness and the grief that came my way.

There were times I cried out to God “No More! I can’t deal with this and I’m not strong enough to take it just Kill Me please and stop all the pain.”

An overdue testimony

I have been very fortunate in the past year..God has delivered me from many situations for which I need to be thankful.

First off, God delivered me from a would-be Airplane crash on a trip back from Nigeria. The plane was about to take-off but it lost all power on the runway! By the grace of God, the airline had an on-board mechanic who diagnosed that the planes engine propellers had melted and fused to the plane such that, it caused the engine to fail. Thank God for his mercies!


Many people on this web sight know I have a deliverance minestry and I have written 2 books.I have a huge heart wanting people to get free because their bound by some type of torment.Well I have been hearing great reports of salvations,restorations,healings and people coming bacl to Christ through my minestry but to day I just recieved the biggest out pour of hatred from a person that I was in shock about.With my minestry reashing out to satanist and witches I knew I would be hated by them but this e mail I recieved to day was from another christian.According to this christian that hasnt


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