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God is God??

Yes I believe in God…
I believe in His Limitless Power

but there are things i just can’t understand

if he’s a God of Mercy, would it be more merciful to not exist rather than burn in Hell?

sinners go to Hell right?, so what about those people who have been living the most unluckiest life, those living like “Hell on earth” , that decides to be a member of a syndicate, gang, mercenaries in order for a better life. are they to going to Hell? if they are… isn’t it unfair to do so? they already had a hard time on earth what they did was to better their lives.



True life story of Kias (Phanta)

by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad

Phanta was born into a poor family in Hat Yai, Songkla Province (a southern province of Thailand). He had led a very wasted and strayed adolescent life: attaching himself with a gang of youngsters, indulging himself in alcohol and drugs, etc. Consequently, he had been arrested and charged with a capital crime, having been sentenced with a lifetime imprisonment at the age of 17. However, after having spent two and a half years in jail, he was released by the verdict of the Appeal Court.

a dance with the Devil

Everywhere you look
you see them , bars , nightclubs , the party life it all seems to be so happy and everyone is having a good time ?

But deep beneath the surface of the alcohol
the late night strip clubs with all the glitz and glamor
and money seems to come from nowhere !

I have decided to share this story as a testimony
on how GOD change a life and take the worst situation
and create beauty for the ashes

i was in my late 20s when i fist got involved in the night clubs
i was going through a divorce , raised 3 kids and went to church

I met a angel face down on a dirty nightclub bathroom floor !

I am a living walking breathing testimony of how GOD can change a life


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