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Hi honey, I’m home.

Hello to Everyone. I am new here and expecting good things. God bless All.

O yea world lament, o yea world repent!!!

I am a bible believing Christian and in all honesty I look forward to the promises of God in the bible with wide eyed anticipation. The thought of living in a new heavenly world governed by the principles of love and peace with our Lord Jesus (not man thank heavens) at it’s headship. How momentous and joyful that occasion will be. Imagine no division, no racism, crime, pride, greed, famine, corruption, idolatry, no rich or poor. We will all be one under the banner of His knowing leadership. Remember back in antiquity when the Israelites demanded a king from God, what happened after?

pray for me

hi everyone,

Right now i’m going thru great problems in life. i want ot save my marriage by any pls all of u pray for me,my husband n’ my kids. God had give the me the hope and courage and promise that he is working on it and he will give my hus back.but as a human, a weakling sometimes my spirit does go plssssssssss pray for me n’ family.

Prophecy of Tasmania Tsunami, Dr Owuor

Prophecy of an Earthquake to hit the ocean floor around the Bass Straight/Tasman Sea area of Australia that would cause a Tsunami to hit Tasmania, spoken by Dr Owuor 20 Nov 2010:

heavenly note from above

On the morning after my Fathers death

It is Dangerous to Follow the Majority

It is Dangerous to Follow the Majority
Zac Poonen

Searching for Truth

We thanks God that the bible is widely available today, and anyone who hunger and thirsts for truth will find it through the pages of the bible. Anyone who wants to know the truth hears Jesus. “In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, TO TESTIFY TO THE TRUTH.” John 18:37. The question is, what is truth? God’s word is truth. Anyone who listens and obey Jesus is on the side of the truth.

Please pray for my marriage

Hello body of Christ,

I am here to request for you to please pray for my marriage:
This marriage has been very painful and sometimes I wonder if God really wanted us together… My husband is mean and full of sarcasms, insults me and calls me names, I wonder at times if I need a legal separation for Lord know I don’t want to divorce but some days I am so spent, hurt and wondering why am I here for. My daughter is 8 and she has even said we should leave this place/house/him because he is so mean to her too.

This is Not Good for me…

I need people to confort me… I have been worried and worried about fruitless things such as the 2011 May 21 rumor, and 2012, and it needs to stop.

It’s not that I’m just worried, it has been getting to me emotionally recently, mentally unabling me.

I love God, and I love Jesus, but this is just…

I need some calming down, and a hoard of people to tell me these doomsday predictions aren’t real are what I really need…

Thank you so much…


The Wilderness Experience

The journey of the xtian is like the journey of the Israelites from ”Egypt” ( a land of bondage – both spiritual & physical – sin, backwardness, hardship, sufferings etc) to the promise land ”Canaan” ( a land of plenty, peace & prosperity). The interval between Egypt & Canaan should have been a time when the Israelites got to know the God who rescued them, but just as we do when we face trials, unpalatable situations, challenges etc – they grumbled, mumbled & complained, & guess what! God HEARD! (Deut.


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