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please pray

Please pray for my physical healing, I have had on thing after another for the last seven years. Now I have a hernia on my left side and am waiting for surgery in december, I have ibs and fructose intolerance, I recently started a restricted diet but it doesnt seem to help, also I nnow have pain inside my right thigh. I really need a touch from the Lord and to really know His love. I also have unresolved family prolems. I am divorced and remarried to a non christian.



Healing and forgiveness

My name is Raj. When I was young I was bit drunk and commited a sin. I suffered from severe guilty and also I suffered from severe stomache. I prayed with tears on my eyes and prayed to god with all my faith one night with my eyes closed. Suddenly my bed was shaking as if there was a sudden earthquake. I feared for a minute and then thanked god and went to bed.

PSALM 25:5

I’ve been asking God? What is my purpose with him and I’ve received my answer about 2-3 months ago. He told me too follow him and I will have such Peace and Joy and so much Love from him and too share with others. He has lead me to get baptized today and I feel his spirit surrounding me, and such a peace. What a wonderful feeling I’m in and will always be in for the rest of my life. For I promised to follow him for ever.

Former Mormon Bishop Speaks Out

As a former Mormon Bishop and Member of the LDS Faith for over 32 years, I would like to share my testimony specific to the false teachings of that Church. I have written a book: Mormonism – A Life Under False Pretenses, which can used as the content of this blog but any questions or comments dealing with Mormonism are welcome.
Lee B. Baker


Firstly I would like to say Im born again child of God. I am saved in Jesus name.

Keys to Hearing the Voice of God

We need to learn to hear God's voice better. If it is true that God has a plan for our lives, if it is true that God spoke to people in the times of the Bible, if it is true that the Holy Spirit lives within us, then surely it ought to be normal for us to know things by the Spirit of God concerning what the specific will of God is for our lives.

Words out of the blue

One morning I was busy doing my housework and these words came to me deep down not in my mind if you know what I mean.

I will lift you to the heights of zion,
Strengthen you like the Judah lion,
Refined as silver so pure,
No more the enemy will lure.

Can someone let me know if God is speaking to me

TV Church Can’t Help Man with Evil Problems

I cannot begin to tell you how many Christians contact me who have gone to their churches for help with their evil problems and been denied.

The latest man who contacted me told me that he has been going to his church, after taking Jesus as his savior one year ago, and has visited his church 2 or 3 times a week complaining to them that he is having spiritual problems. He was feeling darkness around him. Feeling his prayers were not being answered.

A Life of Fire – by Reinhard Bonnke – Highly Recommended

I highly recommend the autobiography of Reinhard Bonnke, "A Life of Fire". It is around 600 pages, I've read maybe 200 pages of it. It is extremely instructive and contains major lessons that should be learned by any servant of God.


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