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God saved my life

I was raised in a christian family and had a pretty good childhood for the most part. I never knew my biological father but god blessed me with a loving step father that is dad to me. I got saved when i was 9 and young.I always believed in God but as time wore on my relationship with god grew weaker and weaker. It wasnt untill i was 13 i started expirmenting with alcohol to deal with depression and conviction.

Prayer to be set free from evil spirits

Please pray for me that God would deliver me from
evil spirits that torment my mind with fear and sexual thoughts. I have
confessed all of my sins and have turned to God but I’m still dealing
with these evil spirits for about 10 years. Thank-you B

Bounce Back – Chapter 6 – Transition and Change


As we mature we learn to accept change. We become more flexible and find creative solutions to old problems. At least that has been my experience. I want to be able to say that I accepted new challenges and whether I won or lost, I enjoyed or at least learnt from the process.

Forgiven and Delivered from the Guilt of Abortion – An Encounter with Jesus Christ



I remember when I turned 14. The world
didn’t make sense to me and I felt so alone and scared, like I
didn’t fit. Being a teenager, I was made to believe it was normal
for the insecurities which I felt. I now look back and see that this
was a point in time where God was calling me. I didn’t recognize
Him. He would have saved me from going through all I was going to go
through but I didn’t run to Him, I ran from Him a lot of the time-
getting myself deeper into trouble and further away from Him.

Man implants himself with chip to control systems – a sign of the future?

An Australian man has had himself chipped with the Verichip and uses it to open his house door and log on to his computer.

Finances, etc.> God Bless

We praise Thee Father. In this time of incredible economic hardship, I
ask in Thy will for Thy will for a Financial breakthrough. I have waited
for so long. Have suffered greatly for years. I know You already know
of this Father. I know You are working in this. Please send those who
love You to me to help. You know Abba
I am faithful, reading and studying Thy
Word, witnessing for I know time is short and tithing. I fail at times

How did we get Here

How did we get here? This is the Queston people have asking for thousands of years. There has been wirld answer, dum ones and even scary ones. A long with some silly ones.  My favor silly one is a big bird place you in a caggage patch. How ever I personal believe in the Holy Bible.


Benny Hinn says that Obama is not the Anti-Christ – but a good man, a Christian man

You can watch it on the foxnews video here:

Asked if Obama is the Anti-Christ, Benny Hinn responds:

“… It’s not Obama no.  It’s not Obama. I have been asked that question
many times, and the answer is no.  He is not, he is not the
anti-Christ.  He’s a good man, a Christian man.  I pray for him.  I pray
that God will give him success.  And I pray that he will support his

The Purposes of God for Christians in Business

It was interesting to hear Mark Bilton speak about being “Called to Business” last night. Mark is the CEO of the Hagameyer multinational which controls several prominent brands, and turns over 300 million a year. He is also a dedicated Christian who sees his work as a big part of his ministry for God. Here are some of the key points from his message:


* Something about WORK itself honors God.

* God ordained work from before the Fall of Man – Adam had to keep the garden.

Darwinistic Evolution is rooted in Philosophy more than the Scientific Method

Please don’t confuse Science with Naturalism.


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