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Should We Make Positive Confessions about Prosperity?

Over the last 25 years that I have been a Christian, I’ve met a lot of different Christian people with a lot of different thoughts and ideas. I’ve been in quite a few different types of churches, with different kinds of teaching emphases. Online also, you will encounter many very sincere and dedicated Christians who believe that anything to do with the “prosperity gospel” is ipso facto HERESY, and so its like “Run away!” I’m sure I’ve also met some real scammers and con-artists who were into “Name-it-and-claim-it” type doctrines.

Mere Success vs A Life of Significance

Success and Significance

What is success? It has been defined in various ways. I looked online to find out, One definition says: “Success is an event that accomplishes its intended purpose.” Others say, “Success is not an event, but a journey”. Others say, “You have to look at your own core values to work out what success means for you”. So there is not one universal definition of success.

“REPENTANCE” more than you think

As Christians there is the need to understand, by our saying I am are sorry, or saying I will stop, that this is not in any way ( REPENTING ). The only thing you are doing, is saying that you have a desire to (REPENT). When we are continually committing this same sin, doing the same things over, and over that we want to stop. We then have these feelings of being defeated, unloved by God, or even abandoned by Him, because of our sin, that seemingly cannot be overcome. But the truth of the matter is, we have not (REPENTED) even though we have sought it with tears.

Blessed by God

Hello, everyone.

Deliverance from Sexual Sin

I’m a female and I have an issue with pornography/masturbation. I’ve been struggling with this on and off for such a long time. It makes me feel terrible when I do it and it sometimes brings me to tears after the fact. I was exposed to pornography at a very young age (10) and ever since then, it has been an on and off battle. I’ll go months without interest in pornography, thinking “Yes, I am finally free!!”, then all of a sudden it strikes again. Sometimes when I go w/o it for a while, i start thinking “Who am I fooling? I’ll be back at it again one of these days…” This terrifies me.

What is a Christian? What does the Bible say?

What is a Christian? Of course, words can mean whatever groups of people speaking a common dialect understand by them. The word “Christian” in popular usage has come to mean someone who has at least a loose affiliation with some kind of church, or who says that they are a Christian. Someone who pays some degree of lip service to Jesus Christ, at least in name only. If there is something more to really being a Christian, what is it?

Power in Faith Filled Words

If anyone else was saying this we would probably just dismiss this as some Dangerous New Age Philopsophy. But it is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who demonstrated the truth of it all through His ministry on earth – so we had better listen.

Encountered by a Miracle of Jesus’ love

My name is Vachiravan Vanlaeiad. I was
born in Bangkok, Thailand. My grandmother was Thai and my
grandfather Chinese. My parents were separated and finally divorced
when I was an infant (according to my late grandmother, my mother
left me in a room, alone and unattended as a vengeance to my father
because he was extremely abusive and very cruel to her). However, I
was rescued by my grandmother, and was raised up and nurtured by her
in a very loving plus extra-highly protective way. I was the apple
of her eye.

“THANKFUL REVOLUTION” New Beginnings Launch by Miriam “EssenceofMyrrh2010” June 13, 2010

I have to laugh right now and thank you Lord for all things! As I was about to hit the submit button and after taking hours and hours of compiling the first blog my cursor clicked on a different website by accident and voila all that time and effort was erased! Now, you know that is funny! Lord, I give you all my cares and thank you for strengthening me for the REMIX of the First Blog that you are graciously allowing me the opportunity to create and develop. With that in mind (smile). I will be redoing the entire Blog again.


Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.To be a Christian you must at the very least come to believe certain things about the identity of this Jesus who lived on earth approximately 2000 years ago, and furthermore, you must confess this belief before men (Matthew 10:33).


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