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Standing and Remaining in God’s Grace

In relation to the page on The Grace of God on this site, I’ve been learning how it’s all by God’s grace from beginning to end! And how important it is to stand and remain in His grace. If possible, could I get some prayer in this regard. God has recently revealed to me that it is His will that I walk in His grace and by His power.


For preparation and educational purposes, I want to bring the topics of debates to the table. The main reason for bringing this up, is because it seems to be the main reaction of people here in the US to anything Scriptural, spiritual, or in any other way controversial, and thus evangelism. Not only this, but that apologetics and dealing with objections has always been around.

California Earthquake

Mon, 21 Feb 2005 07:56:17 -0800 (PST)

Report on John Mellor, Australian Healing Evangelist, on Channel 9

Lake of Fire Dream and Christians perishing

Jesus stood at a distance on the crest of what looked like a volcano. His piercing eyes stared me down. I saw agony in his face as spoke to me “Come up here”.
Immediately I was standing next to him. I could see the entire volcano from here. A stream of people at least half a mile wide and as long as the eye could see walked along path leading into the destructive volcano. Angels with pitchforks lined both sides of the endless stream of people. They were preventing anyone from escaping and ushered the people over the crest and into the burning lake of fire.

Dream of the Judgment room.

The room was so vast I could not see the end. Thrones like bleachers at a stadium lined one side. Various people filled the thrones as far as the eye could see. I was in heaven, in the Judgment room.

False Anointing dream

Jesus and I were walking together into a large assembly. Jesus was at my left and appeared to be looking for something. Green, glove-leather, covered the well-padded seats. The people in the seats looked like glass jars and I could see right into them. Some were flopping around on the floor frantically, others lay precariously in the padded chairs. They were people who were playing in the river of God but had no intimate relationship with the Father. They were there for a good time but had no commitment or relationship with him. Each one had no love in their hearts for anyone but themselves.

Dream of the false Chrurch

I was outside the church door sitting at a picnic table with friends. We were laughing and joking. I felt close to them and felt free. I could hear in the distance thunder but I just ignored it since it seemed far away. Suddenly a thunderbolt cracked close by. We jumped up and someone suggested we go into the church to be safe. I turned the chrome handle of the brown steel doors and walked inside. An old woman in a wheelchair sat before me. She dressed in an old Victorian dress with a high collar, something the Queen of England would wear from the 1600s.

Dream of Economic Collapse

It looked like a vast dark desert filled with worldly possessions piled high. Cars, money, diamonds, and even large houses were strewn about aimlessly. Jesus stood next to me not saying a word. Suddenly the sound of an earthquake bellowed from the earth below. A large hole began to develop, swallowing the possessions. Fear gripped […]


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