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Michael has New Forum Boards

Everybody, Come check out the new Forum Boards and let’s get things movin. We’re counting on each other and others are counting on us. Whee! New and fresh- luv it when God does new. tee hee

Hey, Where is Everybody?

Come on over and join Michael and me on the new Forum Boards. It doesn’t look like anybody else has come over, yet. We need you guys. hug šŸ™‚

G12 STrategy i nthe ministry

The christian campus ministry where my husband and me are leading will launch new cell group leaders on January 31, 2010. Please help us pray for commitment and full surrender to the LORD as students and faculty of the university will commit to shepherd the flock given to them by the LORD.

Just In

I am a new Christian, just having been water baptized a week ago, but I have had an amazing relationship with God for quite some time. I am a mother to four amazing people, a grandmother three times. Two months ago I moved from Canada to Australia to continue my life with a most incredible Christian man. These are exciting times and most definately a need to get serious about God’s workings and our obedience to Him. There is much for me to learn (and unlearn) and coming to this site is no accident.

Revival on a West Virginia Mountaintop

The year was 1956. Spiritual deadness seemed to cover the land. A Baptist Church at Mt. Cove, in Fayette County, West Virginia was struggling. Its survival was in doubt. An elderly minister, Rev. William Fain, was invited to hold a revival meeting at the church. The elders of the church told the man of God that they felt that he could bring the church out of its decline. He responded by saying, “It may be so far down that it will take God to bring it out.”

Need God’s Healing touch

Please pray for Me and my wife. We are ministers and need healing in order to do the Lord’s work. Although we are now seniors, we believe that God can heal us and give us the health to do a work for God.

Pray for me, Nikos, for my digestive system and also for back pain and leg pains. Also pray for my wife for diabetes and for a heart condition.

We are believers and know that God can restore to us our health. This is important to us because we want to do the Lord’s work.

Thak you for your prayers of agreement.

Hope I’m doing this right..tee hee

Hi Everybody :),


I have a friend who is looking into using a herb mixture that is call NutriiVeda from a company called Zrii.
She uses bulk herbs to treat things from colds to cuts. This mixture is one that has been used with children with Apraxia of Speech and she would like to maybe use.
But the company says that the mixture comes from Ayurveda science and their website is full of Hinduism.
The product is just a mixture of herbs.

So the question is, can taking such a product open a door to satan?

Call to Online Prayer

Its my goal through this site to bring God and people together. Jesus did not say, "Study me", he said, "Follow me". This means following after His presence in prayer, and experiencing the miracles He will do in response to prayer. Christianity without answered prayer is a sham. If you believe in a living God, or would like to meet Him, contact the site author on skype: michaelf8888.


Online Skype Prayer Meeting Times

We are going to relaunch some online skype prayer meetings. Some are open to new members, other groups are for established prayer partners / small prayer groups. We praise God for all the prayer meetings out there.

We are now devoting a special forum section to this on our new forum. Please visit the viral prayer network forum for more up to date times, discussions and prayer points related to this ministry.


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