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Should we pledge?

I have respect for my country but I was thinking.What exactly is the purpose of rining to the flag.In a sense aren’t we worshiping it.If we are wouldn’t god be angry about that?I think that we should love all nations equally and if we pladge to one over another that shows you clearly prefer one over another.I am willing to change my mind.I would just like others to share their opinions.
The Hopeful

Is Jesus black?

There is this kid on the my bus who insists that Jesus was black.He is black so I kind of think that is the reason he told me that Jesus was black.I personally think that it doesn’t matter what his color was because his teachings remain the same. Please try to reply and give an […]

I invited the enemy…

I realised last night while i was reading an article about doors that people have that allow demons to come in through. So i thought hmmm where are my doors. I have actually invited satan into my life on many occasions hoping that he could give me something that i fely god would not.Unfortunatly it was working.
So i would like for any readers to prey that any bonds that I have to satan or demons be broken through god
Thank you so much
The Hopeful

A blind man could see this.

It did not happen to me but i was there and it happened to my big brother. He doubts that God exists.So we were at McDonalds getting burgers when we were talking about god and he said something like”how do know god is even there and what proof is there?” If i were reading this i would find it hard to believe but it is true i do not lie.As soon as he said this an old man knocked on his window(we were in the drivethrough)offering a pamphlet relating god.My aunt just waved “no thanks” while i laughed because i was just amazed at the irony. and my brother was like “that was weird.

Just a simple question about website

how do you find your new messages?

My biggest regret….

Before I begin I want to clarify what I would like everyone to pray for. I have a terrible sin that that i have commited and it has eaten me up from the inside since i was very young.I would like for you to pray that god can forgive me and somehow let me know i have been forgiven. There are two parts. Once my older brother had me do an immoral act once when we were in a tent.


Does having doubt restrain a person from being re-born?

How can a person stop doubting themselves?

How long is it before God fixes a problem that I plead for him to fix even when He does clearly states that people should not be the way they are?

Afraid I’m falling. PLEASE pray for me

I have tried for as long as I can remember to pray for my problem.I have gone to churc and felt like I could be changing. And I have read the bible and felt the hope that comes from God’s word.Yet I cannot seem to overcome my biggest problem.It is hard for me to write and open myself up to other people so please just pray for me to endure anything and any time that the lord has given me to continue enduring. I don’t know how long before I can feel a change but I gladly look forward to the day I am free.

Please, please, seeking prayer

Please, I beg of you! please pray for my father. Please pray that he would come to know Christ. I’m a christian, living with my parents, I love God so much. I’ve prayed to Him to save my Dad. He has an alcohol problem, and I think my mother feels neglected (she’s a christian, but is not in fellowship and also has a problem with alcohol) My dad’s name is Kris. My mother’s name is Maria. Please I’m seeking God for a Saul to Paul kind of miracle for my father, and that my mother would get into a God fearing, Spirit filled fellowship church and lifegroup (midweek group).

How People’s View of God is Determined

In another message I mentioned a Biblical revelation concerning why use modern technology to communicate God’s message. Its so important that we “blow the trumpet” properly, so that the entire city may hear the gospel. In this brief piece, I want to talk about one very important kind of message that needs to go out to all people everywhere.

One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.
I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, And on Your wondrous works.


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